Queen Marie of Romania Review – A Captivating Historical Drama Interesting

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Queen Marie of Romania, distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, presents the true story of Romania's devastation after World War 1, and the unwavering effort of its Queen to seek assistance for her country at the 1919 Paris peace talks.

The film begins with Queen Marie, played by Roxana Lupa, riding through a devastated countryside, war, the remnants of World War I have ravaged her nation. The people are starving, they are without humanitarian assistance, no medical supplies, food or blankets and the nation in ruins. If the war didn't kill the people, the destruction left in the wake of violence will.

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Moved by the need, she returns to the palace, with a mission. No one, not her husband King Ferdinand, played by Daniel Piler, nor her strong willed and defiant son and heir to the throne, Prince Carol II, played by Anghel Damianc, will be permitted any additional time to think, contemplate or discuss a solution.

The time now is for action. Devastated by the First World War and plunged into political controversy, Romania's every hope accompanies its queen on her mission to Paris to lobby for international recognition of its great unification and the needs of her country.

She proposes she travel to Paris, as the Romanian Prime Minster Ion Bratianu, played by Adrian Titieni, is essentially permitted to speak but ignored as the German's forced Romania into a treaty, which was never ratified. The action left the other European nations more than angry, they needed Romania to understand through this action the suffering which they are facing was their own accord.

Paris in 1919, had begun to emerge as the avant-garde metropolitan city, a center-point for Europeans. The Paris Peace Talks had drawn heads of state from every nation including the President of the United States Woodrow Wilson, played by Patrick Drury and Mrs. Wilson, played by Caroline Loncq.

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Queen Marie, a cousin of Britain's King George V, was more welcome although she had to fight against the established protocol which regulated women to cultural events and not the political arena.

Although disappointed by the fine arts and culture publicity she generated globally, her mission, which is to secure international humanitarian assistance for her people seems to be lost in awe and allure of the Queen and cousin to King George, she stealthy finds information and coupled with her charm seeks out an audience with the French Prime Minster.

Finally, after receiving a host of invitations, she is invited to an museum event sponsored by Edith Wilson, The First lady of The United States. Mrs. Wilson is quick to understand the plight of the Romanian people and also quick to extend a dinner invitation to meet with her husband. The dinner is not as smooth as one would hope, especially with the Romanian treaty appearing to be the stumbling block. However, Mrs. Wilson, who knows her husband better than anyone, encourages the Queen to move ahead and be frank.

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Queen Marie finally leaves Paris believing she has secured a deal from the league of nations to provide for her people. When she arrives home, her son, who despises his place and duty and future, ridicules her in front of the cabinet of minters as the supplies are delayed and to all it appears as if the Queen were duped.

Her efforts apparently for nothing, her country still deeply devastated and her family is stained by dissension, she leaves the palace to regroup.

As it is a historical drama, soon we find her impassioned efforts with the president not only secured humanitarian supplies for her people, but also a new treaty and the past, apparently forgiven.

Queen Marie of Romania is an attention-grabbing historical drama. The ensemble cast, lead by Roxana Lupa, delivers authentic performances. The film has both the overarching theme of the impossible mission as well as the personal tensions and internal fighting within the family as position, place, and duty overrides love.

Queen Marie of Romania, an authenticate, captivating historical drama, begins streaming on VOP platforms May 7, 2021. See it.

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Country: Romania

Language: English, French, Romanian.

Runtime: 106minutes.

Director: Alexis Sweet Cahill.

Writer: Brigitte Drodtloff.

Producer: Gabi Antal, Radu Apostolescu.

Cast: Roxana Lupu, Daniel Plier, Anghel Damian, Adrian Titieni, Iulia Verdes, Emil Mandanac.

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