The God Committee Review – Fascinating, Edgy, Contemporary

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The God Committee, from Vertical Entertainment, presents an insider’s view of the delicate and often harsh decision-making process associated with donor organs when a heart becomes available, and the three patients are all less then desirable candidates.


The film begins with a young couple stargazing, talking about the galaxies, the infinite expanse of space, and life. It’s clear they are just beginning their relationship and for them the world and their future holds great promise. He puts on his bicycle helmet and looks back at her while heading out. From out of nowhere, a car plows him to him with such force he somersaults over the entire car landing on the pavement. The car speeds away.

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Cutting immediately to a New York City penthouse, Dr. Andre Boxer, played by Kelsey Grammar, answers his phone. A heart has become available and will arrive at St. Augustine Hospital shortly. His lover, Dr. Jordan Taylor, played by Julie Stiles, has heard the conversation, and understands this is huge for the hospital.

The relationship between the two is complicated. He is dedicated to his research and will be leaving the hospital and his position as head of the Hospital’s Transplant Unit team in a month. She is still on the rise and as we find out will be taking over his position.

The clock is ticking as the heart has an expiration time, incision must begin in 90minutes. When they arrive at the hospital, a couple is arriving via ambulance, Tripp Granger, played by Maurizio Di Meo, a trust fund kid of Granger Industries Executive, name, played by Dan Hedaya. He is sitting in front of a sign that explains St. Augustine’s capital projects construction project.


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Dr. Taylor is summoned to the name office, where Dr. Val Gilroy, played by Janeane Garofalo, and Father Dunbar, played by Colman Domingo, who explains to both he has been given direction by the Hospital’s board of directors to contribute to the committee and also named her the new director of the Transplant Program.

The Transplant Committee meets in one hour to decide who of their three eligible candidates receives the donor. We meet the candidates, which in the most abusive manner we begin to understand the decisions are made on more than simply need. The candidates are presented before the committee and benchmarks for transplant including lifestyle factors, support system, quality of life, and longevity are determining criteria.

Patient B, Walter Curtis, older, African American, a strong support system, and unfortunately overweight, is upgraded to 1-A and is the next in line.

Patient A, Selena Vasquez, played by Patricia Mauceri, who had been deemed the recipient, coded on the table as she was being prepped for surgery which threw the entire committee into a tailspin as the match pool of viable candidates within this hospital was limited.

With the decision apparently made for them, the committee is just about to begin the prep when Father Dunbar, arrives explaining that he has a letter of donation intent for $25million dollars from the Granger Hedge Fund.

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Suddenly the dynamics have changed, with the determining benchmarks weighed against the capital projects and future financial support.

The scenes of the film are integrated into current, day of the heart donation and decision-making process as to whom will receive the heart and the future, as Dr. Boxer is working on animal heart transplants which become viable when transplanted across species.

The breakthrough procedure is supported by individual investors, one of which is Granger. Which seems like a forecasting the committee’s decision, as it hasn’t been made when we see the first attempt at animal species transplants.

The God Committee is sharp, edgy, controversial, and captivating. The viewer is pulled in from the first scene and carries through to the end. It presents insights into more than the business of hospital management, the film highlights 3D technology simulation that is used to practice transplant surgeries on computer apps. It was fascinating.

Premiering at the Tribeca Festival The God Committee opens in select theaters and on demand July 2, 2021. See it.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Release Date: July 2, 2021.

Runtime: 98 minutes.

Director: Austin Stark

Writer: Austin Stark

Producer: Molly Conners, Amanda Bowers, Jonathan Rubenstein, Ari Pinchot, Jane Oster, Vincent Morano, Benji Kohn, Bingo Gubelmann, Austin Stark.

Cast: Kelsey Grammer, Julia Stiles, Janeane Garofalo, Dan Hedaya, Colman Domingo, Peter Kim, Maurizio Di Meo, Patricia Mauceri, Georgia Buchanan, Kyle Moore, Elizabeth Masucci, Patricia R. Floyd.

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