Butter Review – Awesome, Honest, Heartbreaking, A Must See!

Butter, from BlueFox Entertainment, presents the story of an overweight kid, who after years of bullying decides to live stream his death, only to become the most popular boy in high school causing him to rethink his plan.

The film begins with the typical teenage angst. Sequestered in his room, Butter, played by newcomer Alex Kersting, is hiding behind the computer screen in a chat room with his secret crush, Anna, played by McKayley Miller, who thinks she is being charmed by JP, the captain of the soccer team from a different school.

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Soon it is dinner time, and we meet Butter’s mom, Marian, played by Mira Sorvino. As the camera pans the kitchen, we understand she deeply cares for her family, and uses food to fill the void and reach the emotional places that she has been blocked from as her son as grown older and her husband who has withdrawn, after an injury cost him his pro-football career.

Butter is overweight. Not just a little bit, but to the point that he has a handicapped parking place at his school. We also understand his emotional struggles lead him to supersize twice when he is taunted, facing challenges or yearning for acceptance.  

Of course, high school being what it is, Butter is ostracized, known as the “Fat Kid,” and taunted. What the kids at school don’t know is that Butter is an awesome saxophone player, so much so that his band teacher Professor Dunn, played by Mykelti Williamson, arranged an pre-audition for Julliard.

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At a moment when depression, rejection, and loneliness is all too much to handle, Butter creates a website announcing his plans to kill himself at midnight on New Year’s Eve. By the next morning, he is an instant celebrity at his school. His announced suicide plans make him suddenly cool.

Suggestions for his last meal are filling up the chat; at school he is invited by the supercool guys to hang out. Suddenly his is cool also. His entire high school life he has been an outside and now, with weeks to go before New Year’s Eve, he is cool, accepted and comfortable in his own skin for once.

The film also includes all the scenes one would expect, visits to the doctor, friends who have struggled and finally succeeded in losing the weight, well-meaning comments, and serious sensitivity issues as years of bullying and struggles with self-esteem are the filter of which every glance and comment travel through.

With his new friends Parker, played by Jack Griffo, and Trent, played by Adain Bradley, preparing a bucket list, they all finally realize they were all guilty of judging each other and they were each grossly mistaken about the other.

As the clock strikes midnight, and the popularity appears to shatter in a thousand unrepairable pieces, Butter lines up his meal and turns on the live stream.

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Butter is an awesome film! A must see! The ensemble cast delivers strong character driven performances, each presenting a polar picture, with no balance or middle ground.

Well-written and well directed, the storyline plot twists present a distressing contemporary, and unfortunately common occurrence.

Butter is more than the literal story that is presented, which in and of itself is heartbreaking, honest and alarming. The analogy of the story presents an authentic picture of life for millions who only see themselves as flawed, without any redeeming value. In Butter, the mirror reveals an overweight teen struggling to cope with his emotions; and the mirror for so many reveals imperfections that weigh them down, stopping themselves from living, literally.

Butter opens in theaters Friday, February 25, 2022. Sincere and affecting, a must see!

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 106minutes.

Release Date: February 25, 2022.

Director: Paul A. Kaufman.

Writer: Paul A. Kaufman.

Producer: Paul A. Kaufman, J. Todd Harris, Christina Sibul.

Cast: Alex Kersting, Mira Sorvino, Mykelti Willliamson, Brian Van Holt, Ravi Patel, Annabeth Gish, McKayley Miller, Jack Griffo, Adain Bradley, Natalie Valerin, Jake Austin Walker, Matthew Gold, Monte Markham and Jessie Rabideau.

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