The Second Chitka Film Festival Begins Accepting Submissions

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The Russian film adaptation festival "Chitka" begins accepting applications, Projects that have not screened theatrically and have not aired can apply for inclusion in the main competition. Projects can be full-length, short, or animated films and series.

The Chitka Film Festival will be held in Moscow from November 25-29, 2020.

You can apply for participation in the following nominations: Best Film adaptation (full-length film), Best Film adaptation (TV series), Best director of a film adaptation, Best screenplay scenario, Best embodiment of a literary image on the screen and Best adaptation of a children's literary work.

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This year, the festival will have a theater section - journalist and TV presenter Vadim Vernik will be its curator. It is already known that only this year's productions will be selected for participation in the section.

"This is a unique, multimedia festival that combines some of the most important areas of art - cinema, literature and theater. I am very glad to have joined the festival, - says Vadim Vernik. - and I will supervise the theater section. We will collect for viewing the best productions of 2020, among which the jury will select the winners in the nominations - Best theatrical production based on a literary work, the best embodiment of a literary image in the theater.

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Another innovation this year will be an additional program where film producers and directors can present their project idea. The planned performances will also be judged by a jury - in this category the First Step Prize will be awarded. Also, this year a documentary program will be added - documentary projects dedicated to the life of famous writers are invited to participate in it.

Applications can be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with all the necessary information about the project and its authors. Acceptance of works will last until October 20.

The show was organized by Red Carpet Srudio, and Anton Kalinkin is the general producer. The curator of the film program is film reviewer Susanna Alperina.

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"To make a film adaptation festival in Russia right now has turned out to be a far-sighted and rewarding undertaking, " says Susanna. - If last year "on the horizon" of our "Chitka" there were about 30 new film adaptations, then this year - about a hundred. And this is even before we announced the acceptance of works. These are all projects that we have been tracking throughout the year. Some of these films have already been filmed, and in different formats - full-length film, short film, TV series, animation, and so on. Something else is at the level of an idea. We will try to bring to the attention of the jury and viewers at Chitka 2020 all the most noticeable and interesting, and also decide how we will proceed if by next year the number of film adaptations of literary works in Russia will more than triple again."

The first Russian film adaptation festival "Chitka" was held in Moscow from 20 to 23 June 2019. Last year's winner in the category "The Most Anticipated Film Adaptation" - the series directed by Yegor Anashkin "Zuleikha Opens Eyes" based on the book by Guzeli Yakhina became the most rated project on television. The prize for "The most poignant acting duet" was received by Veniamin Smekhov and Irina Pechernikova in the film "Elsa's Land."

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In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, it was decided to postpone the festival to November. The Chitka Festival was created to unite cinema, theater and literature lovers and present unique film adaptations, theatrical performances of classical and modern works. Despite the fact that the festival is only its second year, it managed to become a professional platform for communication between readers, viewers, leading directors, producers, screenwriters and writers, where they discuss the relationship between literature, theater and cinema, as well as the prospects for cooperation in this direction.

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