Russian Pilot Film Festival Announces Participants

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The third Russian festival of serials "Pilot" announced a competition program with 15 premiere Russian projects including serials by Khlebnikov, Smirnova, Perelman, Stychkin and Shipenko. The festival will take place from June 25-27 in the city of Ivanovo.

The third show will open on June 25 with the premiere of the dramedy of Mikhail and Lily Idov "Jetlag" with Irina Starshenbaum, Ksenia Rappoport, Yegor Koreshkov and Philip Avdeev in the lead roles.

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Among the participants of the competition - a series from the creator of the most successful Russian film "Kholop" Klim Shipenko - "Eva, give birth!" about the search for a successful and independent heroine of real female happiness, played by Elena Podkaminskaya, and Evgeny Stychkin 's directorial debut "Contact" with Pavel Maikov and Ravshana Kurkova about a single father who works in the juvenile police department and tries to establish contact with his own daughter.

Also, viewers will see several detective projects - "My Big Secret" with Anatoly Bely and Yuri Chursin about the investigation of the murder of an Academy student; psychological drama "Beyond Yourself" with Evgeny Stychkin, Elena Lyadova, Evgeny Tsyganov and Aglaya Tarasova from Alexander Dulerain, and the mystical thriller "Missing" from director Vadim Perelman about his daughter who returned to the family and disappeared without a trace 10 years ago, with Liza Yankovskaya, Vladimir and Maria Kulikova in the lead roles.

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This year, the competition program will feature a project by Boris Khlebnikov based on a script by Dunya Smirnova "Comrade Major" about the life of an FSB officer with Evgeny Sytym and Timofey Tribuntsev, Olesya Zheleznyak, Mikhail Porechenkov and Stepan Devonin, as well as a new comedy project "Brothers" by showrunner , the author of "Policeman from Rublyovka", about a simple policeman and his brother-actor, who uses stories from his service in his acting work. Stepan Devonin also played in Natalia Meshchaninova 's TV series "Being a Comedian" about a 15-year-old stand-up artist who dreams of a successful career.

Dunya Smirnova will perform on "Pilot" not only as a screenwriter, but also as a director - her series "Vertinsky" will tell about the life and work of the famous Russian chansonnier, actor and composer Alexander Vertinsky. Anna Parmas was the second scriptwriter of the project. The third woman-director whose project was included in the competition was Oksana Karas with her highly social drama "Official" about an employee of the regional Ministry of Health with Victoria Tolstoganova, Maxim Vitorgan and Alexei Agranovich, the script for which was written by the authors of "An Ordinary Woman" Denis Utochkin and Maria Melenskaya.

The themes of the relationship between parents and children are reflected in the drama "Son" about the search for a missing child and attempts to return him after several years of separation and his prosperous life in another happy family, as well as in the series "Stream" by Rustam Ilyasov, author of the web series "Difficult Teens" ... The comedy tells the story of a teenager who decides to start broadcasting everything that happens to him during the day when asked how are things at school. The main role is played by the star of the Happy End series, Denis Vlasenko. He also plays in the TV series "I don't care who you are" , the hero of which, on the advice of a psychologist, moves from his mother to an apartment that they rent out for daily rent.

The actor from "Territory" and "257 Reasons to Live" Roman Mayakin played in the TV series "Father Sergiy" an unusual priest who hunts evil spirits together with an investigator, played by Lukerya Ilyashenko. And in the large-scale dystopian series "Heritage", scientists, played by Alexei Serebryakov and Yegor Beroev, together with brave teenagers will try to stop the extinction of mankind.

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Competition program of the III Festival of TV series "Pilot":

"Eva, give birth!" , dir. Klim Shipenko - Start studio

"Contact", dir. Evgeny Stychkin, Good Story Media and production company "Sreda", TNT channel

"Beyond myself", dir. pilot Alexander Dulerain - 1-2-3 Production, TNT channel

"My Big Secret", dir. Nikita Grammatikov, Team Films, Okko Multimedia Service

"The Lost", dir. Vadim Perelman - Medialovo, KinoPoisk HD

"Being a Comedian" , dir. Natalia Meshchaninova, MTS Media, Lukfilm Studio

"Stream", dir. Rustam Ilyasov, Comedy Club Production, TNT channel

"I don't care who you are," dir. Mafagel Oksana, Aranova Elizaveta Varvara, 1-2-3 Production, TV-3 channel

"Father Sergius", dir. Kirill Kuzin - MTS Media, Panic production

"Vertinsky", dir. Dunya Smirnova - Film Company "Globus-Film", Channel One, MTS Media

"Son", dir. Fluza Farkhshatova, Team Film, channel Russia

"Comrade Major", dir. Boris Khlebnikov - MTS Media, Lukfilm Studio

"Brothers", dir. Danil Lumerz, LEGIO FELIX, STS channel

"Official", dir. Oksana Karas - KIT Film Studio, IVAN Production Center, Channel One, MTS Media

" Heritage", dir. Alexey Golubev

In the non-competitive "comedy program" includes skrinlayf "# YAZHOTETS" black comedy "Manyachello", as well as projects of "Madhouse" and "more than a second."

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The winners of the festival will be determined by the jury, which will include representatives of the national television and film industry. They will choose the best in the nominations for Best Actor's Work, Best Producer, Director, and Screenwriter, and will also present a special Jury Prize. The audience will also have to choose the Best Pilot, who will receive the Audience Award.

The Pilot TV Series Festival was established to promote the development of the Russian TV series genre, providing its creators with the opportunity to show their projects to leading industry experts and TV business professionals.

The President of the Pilot Festival is film director, screenwriter and producer Valery Todorovsky. The general producer of the festival is actress Svetlana Dryga . Program Director - Egor Moskvitin . The partners of the festival are Gazprombank and SOGAZ Insurance Group.

The Board of Trustees of the Pilot festival includes the Governor of the Ivanovo Region Stanislav Voskresensky , General Director of the COSMOS studio production company Alexander Akopov , film director, producer, founder and co-founder of the Art Pictures Studio film company Fyodor Bondarchuk , General Director of the Nikhalkov Studio Nikhalkov , chairman of the expert council of the Cinema Fund Leonid Vereshchagin , producer, head of the STV film company, co-founder of the Melnitsa animation studio, chairman of the board of APKiT Sergei Selyanov , adviser to the President of the Russian Federation on cultural issues, secretary of the Council for Culture and Art under the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tolstoy , director of the film company "PROFIT" Igor Tolstunov , founder, general producer of the company "Sreda" Alexander Tsekalo .

More information about the festival is available on the website:

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