UK Music: New Tunes from Rouge Proxy, Zsud and Unify Separate

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Rouge Proxy, Zsud, and Unify Separate like all artists are using the pandemic to isolate and turn the solitude into creative energy creating new lyrics and finding the right notes to bring the tunes to life. Britpop was a huge part of the 90s for all kinds of reasons and Scottish band Geneva certainly played their part in that, with a number of Top 40 singles and touring with label mates Suede at the time.

Lead singer Andrew Montgomery took time out from the industry, doing his own thing but returned in 2014 with a solo album and has since re-formed Geneva but this is his new project with Leo Josefsson from Sweden's Lowe and it's a whole different ball game. Electronica is the vibe here and it's an absolute killer of a single.

Georgia and The Vintage Youth - A Jazzy, Big Band, Sound is Crossing the Pond


22 January 2021

Zsud - 'Player' Single Release

Producer, singer, songwriter. Zsud loves experimenting with cinematic and electronic elements, wandering not too far from pop genres.

She studied classical piano and music theory as a kid, after getting her Masters degree in engineering she returned back to music from the electronic angle. She studied music production and sound design and is now is co-leader of imPro, Budapest School of Music and Technology. 

Her debut album is set for 2021.

'Player' is a motivational pop song with the aim of empowering you before that competition, exam or important meeting.

"I had a certain moment when I realised I won’t be able to evolve from a beginner’s position if I don’t change my mindset. Thus I wanted to write a marching anthem for myself. We wanted to further strengthen this thought with the video, also make it as real as possible. This is why we decided to work with real characters instead of actors. The lead characters in the video are Gergő Vályi (2019 IFSC Youth B European Champion in lead climbing) and WFM Zsóka Gaál (three-time European Champion, two-time silver medalist world champion in chess). Her partner in the game was GM Ádám Kozák, who is Hungary’s youngest grandmaster and also two-time European Champion. So the video contains three European champions - but also three kids. In a lot of cases we tend to neglect someone’s passion and enthusiasm for something, just because of his/her age, background or any kind of reason. These three kids are the perfect example that hard work does get paid off, and passion and profession do not have an age limit."

Cast: Gergő Vályi. Zsóka Gaál, Ádám Kozák

Director: Zsüd

Director of photography: András Hajba 

Assistant camera: Marcell Szottfridt 

Product assistants: Panni Gyimesi, Géza Soós, Dániel Nagy, Máté Sándor">





Giant Percussion Jazz Sound from UK’s Jack 'Swagger Mac' Featuring Skunkadelic Plus Two From The B Side

Rogue Proxy
Pump The Hype
12 January 2021

Two childhood friends from Canada reunited to produce a new rocking and grooving sound blending vintage tones and styles with modern production techniques. While working on perfecting their sound, tube amps were overdriven to their limits, compressors were hit way too hard and saturation was pushed too high into the red. Things got out of control and a freak accident occurred … something unknown appeared ... it hacked itself into the session ... it took over all production … it developed an integration to an energy never seen before!!!

They called it Rogue Proxy and with it was born a new flavor of rock! Rogue Proxy became their conduit to transmit sound, energy and visual wildness. ‘Rogue’ does not follow rules or formulas during songwriting and production, but instead is driven by an ever evolving artificial intelligence and complex algorithm with the one goal to produce a new genre-defying, exciting sound and musical experience.

Though it is impossible to pigeon-hole Rogue Proxy’s music from song to song, it has been described as the illegitimate love child between Red Hot Chili Peppers and Daft Punk, growing up as a rebellious teen influenced by everything from Black Sabbath to Massive Attack to Jimi Hendrix to Jamiroquai and more. Rogue’s algorithm will continue to go beyond, push through boundaries and generate the unexpected in the future.

Pump The Hype (Nov 20th, 2020) is a high energy rocker which demands attention for it’s aggressive drums, pumping bass, dynamic guitar riffs with an original chord progression and vocal hooks on the edge of Beastie Boys meets punk. The theme of the track revolves around today’s political and media driven environment. To The Nines (Sept 1st, 2020) is a rocked up pop track sort of a Red Hot Chili Peppers meets Daft Punk feel with a pumping beat and wild creative voices. Old Show (Oct 16th, 2020) is a retro, jazzy, blues rock instrumental led by sweet guitar, deep bass grooves and vintage organ tones with a mellow but upbeat groove.

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Unify Separate
Dying On The Vine
11 February 2021

‘Dying on the Vine’ press release

These days, our lives are forever lived in the public eye. We share photos of the food we eat, voice our innermost secrets, bare our bad habits, pimp our pets and air our dirty laundry. Ceaselessly, unrelentingly, unthinkably…24/7 on Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter and/or Instagram.

We no longer spend our time with real friends and live in the moment. Instead, we focus on digital buddies we’ve never met, who we desperately try to court, to connect for just a moment and get that all-important like that validates who we are. We are, all of us, truly, madly and deeply… dying on the vine.

The cats, the food, the remedies…your kids, your life, your family…can’t you see the irony… in non-exclusive privacy? The new Unify Separate single ‘Dying on the Vine’ channels classic synthpop with acidic social commentary.

Unify Separate biography
Unify Separate is the intriguing result of a collaboration between Andrew Montgomery (vocals), singer of Scottish band Geneva, and Leo Josefsson (machines), the frontman of Swedish band Lowe. The pair met a few months after Montgomery had relocated to Sweden, when a drunken singalong to Rhinestone Cowboy at a barbecue prompted Leo to ask Andrew to try writing songs together. Except without sequins.

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With a unique voice that’s equal parts choirboy and soul boy, Montgomery made waves in the Britpop era with Geneva, scoring four emotive Top 40 singles and two critically-feted albums (‘Further' and 'Weather Underground’) on Nude Records between 1996 and 2000, touring with label mates Suede along the way. In 2014, after a long silence, he released his debut solo album ’Ruled by Dreams’, produced by Sean McGhee (Robyn, Alison Moyet, Imogen Heap), and reformed Geneva in 2019.

Josefsson is a luminary of the Stockholm synth scene with the bands Lowe and Statemachine, whose work has been recognised with several Scandinavian Alternative Music Awards, including Best Newcomer, Best Live Act, Best Song and Best Album.
Unify Separate play widescreen, beautiful, electronic music that is the dystopian film soundtrack to the end of an affair or a broken dream, combining Leo's epic wall of synths with Andrew’s distinctive three-octave vocals. Their music is proof that machines can dream, and it’s all done with oceans of emotion.

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Unify Separate on Spotify: 

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