Accessories: Marilena Papadokoistantaki Presents Handmade Jewelry Collection

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Unique, dramatic, and appealing describe the handmade jewelry created by Jewelry Designer Marilena Papadokostantaki. Raised in Athens Greece she mastered the textile fine art of nitho, an ancient Grecian skill that spins synthetic fibers in exquisite designs.

Collaborated with Greek couture designer Spiros Stefanoudakis well known for his velvet creations, Papadokostantaki imagined the designs on paper. After the sketching they determined the color palette and which threads to incorporate.

Nitho is simply defined as spinning. It is an ancient textile art form in which plant, animal or synthetic fibres are drawn out and twisted together to form yarn, by simple hand tools, the spindle, and the distaff.

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Yarn is the base for the creations. It is the beginning for everything. The first step in most creations is spinning. Two or three rows of yarn are spun to form the final yarn. The second step is knitting.


Simple, complex and old knitting techniques that has passed through generations to Papadokostantaki’s family.

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The third step is the combination of materials, such as beads, pearls, corals, shells, handmade glass beads Murano, handmade beads Cloisonne, semi-precious stones and more. 

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The creations are stunning and eye-catching. All necklaces are unique, without a single copy. This is the extra value of handmade as well as the quality processing.

For more information: 

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Images courtesy of Marilena Papadokostantaki.

Art Direction by Janet Walker.

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