Business Attire Power Colors

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When it comes to business, the details matter, so keeping an eye on the little things can mean the difference between career success and failure and that theory applies to clothing and color choices as well.

Business attire is taking a turn toward casual, and people aren't wearing suits and skirts as much. That's not to say that the business suit is dead, quite the contrary. For men and women, dressing professionally, wearing a suit to the office remains the requisite in many fields still and for those who want to stand out among their coworkers.

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Understanding the psychology of style and implementing it will set you apart from the competition at the office. The suit will need to match the season, of course. With most offices blasting the air conditioning and operating at max cool even a heavy, black wool suit in the middle of summer can be acceptable.

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Clothing color choices are the first impression and offer insight into the person, personality, intention, and sincerity, even if they don't know it. Standing out with strong power colors in business sends subtle messages to your coworkers and clients.


Green denotes freshness, harmony, and safety. It has close associations with money, which is especially effective and revelatory in business. Green evokes feelings of growth (plants are green) and being on the go and getting after it; we have that association because of traffic lights, as "green means go." It's easy on the eyes and offers nice respite for those who sit in front of a screen all day.


Brown is the color of stability and masculinity. The brain associates brown with the earth and with the traits of resilience and dependability.

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Stability is a tenuous term in the workplace; it could be an advantage, making you a reliable employee who can be counted on, but that isn't always the best image to have in cutthroat places like Wall Street and sales. Women who work in male-dominated fields can use strong power colors like dark brown to stand out in business.


Blue is the color of truth and wisdom and elicits feelings of unity and integrity. Make yourself seem cool, calm, and wise with a blue shirt or tie. A combination of light and dark blues will produce a stylish effect. Working in a volatile and explosive workplace filled with drama?

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Then blue is the way to. It has a calming effect on others and puts them at ease. Blue is great for calming the savages in the office, even if they don't know it.

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