The Respondent, An Upcoming True Story by Greg Ellis, Hit Shelves in January

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Greg Ellis, Emmy nominated actor in many of the biggest box office successes (the Pirates of the Caribbean series, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Titanic), has a mind-blowing story which includes psych ward lock ups, homelessness, and other humanizing tribulations.

In a story guaranteed to surprise he shares for the first time his own near suicide moment, psych ward lockups, becoming homelessness, and more mind-blowing experiences following his divorce and resulting custody battle.

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The book forward is written by Alec Baldwin who went through the family court system.

As Johnny Depp's co-star in all of the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, he recently made international headlines as a vocal supporter of Depp in his Amber Heard trial, and now he aims to be the face and voice of fathers struggling through divorce and family court. 

Over the last year, he has set out on a journey to explore the condition of the modern male experience via his brand new video podcast The Respondent, where he traverses masculinity, family law, parenting, and more with celebrity, author, and expert interviews. He is also set to reveal his own family journey in his upcoming book this January, a story that is far too sad, tumultuous, and common.

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One of the core themes that he discusses in The Respondent is family, and more specifically how and why families have become so torn. As a divorced father with two young sons that he cannot see, he has become increasingly concerned about the effects the family court legal system is having on families.

He discusses how men are considered defective if they talk about their feelings and when it comes to the dwindling importance of fatherhood, and a legal system that practically promotes family dissolution, something has gone completely haywire.

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His mission is to provide some solace for forsaken fathers, forgotten husbands, and fallen men of the court system. His aims is to provide a practical psychological roadmap to those who haven't yet visited dystopia, so that they might navigate the bumpy roads of modern relationships more successfully, and better respond to the challenges facing them and the love offered them.

Snaking through this commentary is his own journey as he battles for his children in family court and heads ever closer to an outcome still coming into focus.

Ellis has acted in films opposite Oscar winners Sir Anthony Hopkins and Geoffrey Rush, been directed by Academy Award winning film directors John Schlesinger, James Cameron and Robert Zemeckis, written for Stephen Fry, directed Kiefer Sutherland, and had memorable roles in billion dollar franchise movies like the Pirates of the Caribbean series, J.J. Abrams' Star Trek and Titanic.

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He was nominated for an Emmy Award for season three ensemble cast of the hit TV series "24" among many other small screen roles and is considered one of the most prolific interactive/video voice over actors in the world having worked on over 100 video game titles.

Ultimately, he hopes to help all of us to take the necessary steps toward becoming more humane to each other, and we look forward to scheduling a fascinating interview with you and Greg Ellis. For additional information on Greg Ellis, please visit

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