21 AND OVER Review - Boys Gone Wild College Style

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21 AND OVER, from Mandeville Films, Virgin Produced and Relativity Media, brings to the screen a boys gone wild college style sophomoric romp from Directors Jon Lucas and Scott Moore.

Produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman along with Ryan Kavanaugh and Hugo Shong, 21 AND OVER was written by Lucas and Moore and stars Miles Teller, Skylar Astin, Justin Chon and Sarah Wright.  

21 AND OVER begins with Miles Teller, as Miller, a Mark Zuckerberg slacker type, although no billionaire with a social network utility, he is the summer before the hit in Silicon valley, hiding a hidden secret he heads off to reunite with his two oldest and dearest childhood friends, Casey, a life mapped finance student with a serious five year plan, played by Skylar Astin and their Asian buddy Jeff Chang played by Justin Chon whose father’s, and with it family honor, rests on his slight shoulders.

Not without a plan Miller is intent on taking his newly legal buddy Jeff Chang, out to celebrate his 21st Birthday. After deciding to give in to the requests of his oldest friends, Jeff Chang, who oddly he is never referred to by his oldest friends by either his first name or affectingly his last, begins a night of legal bar hopping. Broadcasting his newly legal status, the trio hit bar row with a vengeance, until by closing time, they are carrying Chang out the door after he has urinated on a bar crowd, vomited while bull riding, embedded a dart through the cheek of a frat bully and totally lost himself into his newly legal status.

What follows is the attempt by his two friends to get him home, sober him up and prepare him for the his Med school interview which just happens to be the next morning. Throughout the night and with every obstacle the two friends find their friend is having serious academic, legal and personal issues not uncommon when the GPA slips below the B level.

It’s clear immediately the dialogue is not for the faint at heart and includes terminology never before heard for parts unseen. The trio, when reduced to two, create solid screen charisma, and although and still 21 AND OVER, has a limited appeal, the two are on a mission and the vulgar and coarse wise cracks, and apparently intimate knowledge of each other’s lives and pasts create the idea of the three, hanging out, pre-pubescent discussing the female anatomy, as all twelve year olds boys do with proper words, spelling and reciting the dictionary meaning.

21 AND OVER is rated R for a reason. The drunkenness leads to gross inebriated behavior including, in a disgusting scene, mistakenly eating a tampon, fortunately not soiled, and believing it was a candy bar. And yet that is the level of offensive and crude humor, any expected scene one could imagine from a 151 rum drinking until one dies, binge is featured, every drinking game from quarters, to suck and blow and every game in between, as it is a social network, private college, sorority row and of course pledge week and with that pledge week stunts.  There are multiple scenes of female nudity, even with the attempts to tan the females it is still obvious.  21 AND OVER glorifies binge drinking, lewdness, debauchery and will appeal to most, except the more conservative, even the slightly more conservative. To their credit there were some funny scenes and Miles Teller and Skylar Austin embodied their roles.

Produced by David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman, 21 AND OVER, may not bring them the critical success of their other films but it will bring the commercial success. 21 AND OVER will burn up the box office with its sophomoric raunchy humor.

21 AND OVER is rated R with a running time of 93 minutes.

21 AND OVER opens nationwide March 1, 2012.

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