I’m Your Woman Review – Engaging with a Strong Character Driven Story

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I’m Your Woman, from Amazon Studios, opened the 2020 AFI Film Fest presenting a storybook romance gone seriously awry, as life suddenly turns from well-manicured and predictable to unexpected, with thugs, thieves and hitmen around every corner.

Directed by Julie Hart, I’m Your Woman stars Rachel Brosnahan, Bill Heck, Marsha Stephanie Blake, Arinze Kene, Frankie Faison, Marceline Hugot, and Jameson and Justin Charles as Harry.

We meet Jean, played by Rachel Brosnahan, through a slight voice over than brings us up to date in typical 1970 fashion, boy meets girl, boy and girl fall in love, boy and girl buy a house and life is aligned in the universe. However, this is not quite that story as we soon find out.

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Jean, and her husband Eddie, played by Bill Heck, have one absence in their life. One day Eddie walks in carrying an extremely cute bundle of joy. Not delivered in the usual manner, but for the 1970s, it will do and suddenly Jean is a mom.

With a wink Eddie leaves Jean holding the baby as he leaves to conduct his business. Our adorable little guy cries, and Jean a neophyte in motherhood has only cursory knowledge meaning she has no idea what to do to make him stop.

Suddenly, in the middle of the night, a pounding on the door awakes her, and an associate of Eddie’s tells her to pack, and leave now. Eddie has left her a small bit of cash and she and the baby are forced to get lost and never look back.

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Helping her to safety, we meet Cal, played by Arinze Kene. The pair, in the 1970s, raise eyebrows and create instant opinions in rural Pennsylvania. Once in the safe house, Cal leaves her instructions and then she is on her own, a totally foreign concept as we come to find out.

One night a neighbor comes to the door with flowers, introducing herself. The instructions Cal gave her seemed to evaporate when she returns with dinner and wine, a welcome relief from the nightly TV dinners she has managed to prepare.

Not long after, we finally understand the world of thugs, thieves and hitmen are looking for Eddie, as he took out the boss of the rival organized crime gang and once again Cal comes to her rescue. This time she is taken to a country cabin.

This is when we meet Cal’s family and begin to understand the secrets that love will often hide. Teri, played by Marsha Stephanie Blake, who has lived life on the run before, and understands what’s coming next, does her best, along with her Cal’s father, Art, played by Frankie Faison, to make sure Jean understands the reality of her predicament.

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I enjoyed I’m Your Woman and found the transformation of very dependent 1970s housewife embodying every cliché of the era, unable to cook, burns toast, a chain smoker, drinking wine by noon, in a fur lined robe in heels, with nothing to do all day, funny.

Julie Hart creates this authentic genuine 1970s style life of leisure along with the use of the crying baby, which magnifies the level of agitation for our protagonist, to amplify the extreme of her situation, from extreme dependence to complete independence with baby in tow.

The film balances these dichotomies of the life she led, ease and leisure, with the life her husband led, violence and crime, to build a solid story that plays well. The sympathetic ensemble cast deliver strong engaging performances.

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I’m Your Woman an entertaining, engaging and strong character driven story, opened the 2020 AFI Film Fest, will play at several additional festivals in October before opening virtually in December 2020. See it.

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