Health, Wellness: A Practical Guide To Planning Your Own Funeral

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In the past, many people didn't see the point in planning ahead for their funerals. Since the pandemic began, it is something more Americans are thinking about, and many already have their plans ready. 

Planning your own funeral saves your loved ones the grief of planning while they mourn, as picking flowers, music, or casket types while you're in the throes of grief can be excruciatingly difficult tasks to take on. Our practical guide will help you with what you need to know about planning your own funeral in Fort Worth. 

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Burial Or Cremation

Unless you have religious or cultural restrictions on how your body will be laid to rest, it can be challenging deciding on whether to opt for a traditional burial or a cremation. Burials tend to be more expensive as you need to consider many cost factors such as coordinating with the cemetery and funeral home, embalming, casket, and more. Cremation has risen in popularity over the years in America as a less expensive option that can still provide a beautiful service for the deceased loved ones. By choosing what you want now, it will save your family and friends the heartache of having to make this decision for you.

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Planning the service that takes place before or after your body is laid to rest will be much more fun than choosing between a burial or cremation. Many people planning their own funeral & cremation services in Fort Worth want the service to be about celebrating their life and not about grieving, and you can customize the occasion to be an appropriate representation of the life you have lived. 

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If you love to read, include excerpts from your favorite books to be read out during the service or choose a poetry reading that encapsulates how you want people to feel. Some people record videos or voice recordings to be played during the service, which gives their friends and loved ones a chance to see or hear them once more; this may cause some tears, but it can be deeply meaningful for your loved ones to have this moment. If you want more ideas for how you can customize your service, take a look at these funeral and cremation services in Fort Worth. Lucas & Blessing Funeral Home offers a fantastic range of ideas and resources to help you plan the perfect funeral. 

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When it comes to paying for a funeral that you have planned in advance, it can be confusing to know whether to set aside funds for it or prepay. Ensuring the costs are covered will remove the risk of your friends or family having to take on the bill. If you have planned the funeral to take place within a few days of your passing, your loved ones won't have access to the money they are due to inherit to cover the costs and may not be able to come up with the funds in time. Many people prepay and take out insurance to ensure that if anything is to go wrong with their plans that the cost will be covered by the insurance policy.

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