Home, Décor: Tips For Redesigning Your Child’s Bedroom

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Home is a place of comfort and a reflection of one's style. Every area counts—from the living room to the mudroom. During a redesign, a child's room can be a blank canvas for creation and style.


Children Change and So Should Their Bedroom

It seems unfair at times, but those little darlings do get older. A baby's nursery slowly becomes a young child's room, and it's only a matter of time before it becomes a teenager's room. Has your child's bedroom aged well right alongside them? It can be easy to let any bedroom go without updates. However, just as times change, so do needs and style preferences.


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Consider including your child in the discussion of what is needed when redesigning their bedroom. Including them in the process will make them feel important and help everyone understand what needs to be removed or added to make their space comfortable.

New Color for Furniture and Walls

The task can be daunting at first, but when redesigning your child's bedroom, a new color scheme needs to be chosen before the real fun can begin. Color change absolutely transforms a room. Choose colors that can grow with a child yet also reflect their personality. The walls are just the beginning.


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Paint covers a multitude of sins, including old furniture. One always has the option of shopping for new furniture—and it can be a lot of fun—but there's no need to discard a treasured piece if it's simply worn or outdated. It's amazing what a fresh coat of paint on a solid piece of furniture can do.

What's on The Floor?

In a child's room, the floor is most likely covered in toys, craft projects, and laundry that hasn't been put away. Underneath all of that is a very important space. When redesigning your child's bedroom, keep in mind where they spend a lot of time while in their room. It is most likely on the floor. That space needs to be inviting yet stylish.

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Whether carpeted or a beautifully finished wood, a cozy child's room needs a floor that will withstand spills, scratches, and falls. Rugs are no longer just to protect the floor. In fact, multicolored rugs can make a great statement while pulling a room together. When it comes to a child's room, they also need to be comfortable. A quality rug will see your child through years of homework, long phone calls, and giggly sleepovers.

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Enjoy the journey of the redesign, and always remember that every room counts—even the ones with laundry covering the floors.

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