Home, Décor: Design Musts in a Luxurious Bathroom Renovation

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Everyone enjoys a lavish bathroom—from its spacious layout to the intricately designed bathtubs and polished counters, much effort goes into constructing a bathroom that provides an inspiring, complex, and luxurious space meant solely for relaxation.

Some design elements every luxurious bathroom should have make the space exquisite and appealing. They incorporate striking features that are unexpected, opulent, and attractive. This article will explore the essential components that make any bathroom stand out marvelously.

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Ample Space

A must for a well-designed luxury bathroom is space. Ample tremendous amount of space to work with provides room for more luxury. A total renovation could call for an expansion in square footage.

Resale values of any home increases with a second bathroom, a full size, luxurious master bath allows an interior designer the freedom to add the essentials, free standing showers, privacy separation for toilets, double vanities, ample towel storage, closets, shelving, and heated tile flooring, but also with unexpected features, such as fireplaces, steam room, or saunas.

Luxurious bathrooms are known for their structural elements that are classic, ornate, and polished. Delve into elegance with these interior design fundamentals.

Lighting and Beautiful Light Fixtures

It is all about lighting. One secret to upscaling any space is in the lighting, so naturally, incorporating contemporary lighting fixtures in a bathroom will add richness of the area. Adding natural lighting elements such as a skylights or large windows will expand the horizon line and give the impression of a larger area.

When possible, the addition of a skylight will change the entire look of a bathroom. It accentuates all the space’s best features without ruining the style of what has been created.

If a skylight isn’t possible or preferable, large floor-to-ceiling windows that offer gorgeous views are equally impressive. Considerations for large windows, of course, are proper window shading, either a smoke film, one way windows or a rolling shade all add to the personal element of privacy.

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Heated Flooring

The inclusion of heated flooring in the renovation plans is a game-changer for a bathroom, particularly during colder months in regions where such a benefit would dramatically increase comfort and usability.

Marbled Walls

Although an acquired taste, marble walling is easy to clean and provides an elegant look. It is a gorgeous material that is exceptionally durable and reflects light beautifully. Tiles, in a myriad of shades, textures, colors, patterns, also add an exquisite uniqueness.

Freestanding Bathtub & Shower

An intricate and beautifully designed freestanding tub and shower exudes opulence and luxury. Even if the bathtub doesn’t see frequent use, this unique detail can serve as a focal point and a guaranteed conversation starter.

Decorative Wall Art

When all is done, if the bathroom still isn’t feeling complete, consider sacrificing wall space for paintings and other wall art that can provide depth and tie the room together.

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High-End Vanity

If using marble for the walls or flooring isn’t in the plans, a vanity with a marble countertop is the way to go! Marble is a natural material that is scratch-resistant compared to other stones and evokes elegance. How does the idea of a double sink sound?

Contrasting Patterns and Textures

A beautiful combination of patterns and textures can make a bathroom feel luxurious. Include cozy accent rugs and delicate curtains to soften the clean and sharp lines within the space.

These design elements every luxurious bathroom should have are sleek additions to consider when upgrading the most relaxing room in a house. Not only do they add value to the home, but they work together cohesively to deliver an elegant and extravagant space.

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