Beltway Insider: ISIS Renews Bombings; 15 Americans in ISIS Cell; Anti-Corruption Summit; Election; ACA; El Chapo

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On Assignment, the NBC News Show,  in an exclusive to, airing Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 7:00pm EST has gone forward with a story that identifies 15 Americans who left the United States to join the Islamic State fighters.

According to Gallup, President Obama's job approval, over the past week, increased one percentage points to 53% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness as President decreased two percentage points to 43%.

President Hosts Nordic Leaders in Rare White House Summit

President Obama hosted the five leaders of the Nordic Nations at the White House in a rare Scandinavian Summit that solidified the bold partnerships and innovative approaches necessary in implementing the mandates set at the Paris Climate Agreement.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Suicide Bombings; Renews the Multi-Strike Strategy

The Islamic State Fighters have renewed the multi-strike suicide bomb strategy this week, with a series of car bombs that occurred simultaneously in three separate neighborhoods in Baghdad, Iraq, killing 93 and wounding more than 165.

In the strongest possible language, the White House has condemned the attacks again the innocent people of Iraq.

"We reiterate our solidarity with the Iraqi people against the threat from ISIL.  ISIL is a common enemy to all Iraqis, Americans, and the 65 nations who are part of our counter-ISIL coalition.  By working together, the Iraqi people have made important gains against ISIL since 2014, and every step the United States has taken is to support the Iraqi government and the Iraqi people as they take back their country," said Josh Earnest White House Press Secretary.

The Islamic State had retreated from the multi-suicide bomb strategy after the bombings in March including the Brussels Belgium attack on March 24, 2016 which killed 32, including the three terrorists and injured 316 and the Soccer Stadium Awards ceremony that killed 26, mostly young teens and the mayor and his bodyguard.

Islamic State Fighters Attempt to Regain Palmyra

Islamic State Fighters have attempted to regain the ancient city of Palmyra, Syria after allied airstrikes and ground forces drove the terrorists from the once noted archeologist city in the Syrian Desert.

The archeologist artifacts dating back to the Second Millennium BC contained some of the most treasured, rare and sacred artifacts in the world. It was a well-known and much hidden secret among archeology communities keeping the tourist and others from stumbling upon the hidden treasures.

"As we noted at the time, we obviously were pleased to see ISIL give up Palmyra, and the focus of our efforts has been on degrading and ultimately destroying that terrorist organization.  And we welcomed that development, and we certainly do not want to see ISIL expand the territory that they control, and we certainly do not want to see ISIL put at risk once again such a historically and culturally significant city," Earnest said.

The Islamic State Downgrade and Destroy Campaign of which 66 Nations are currently participating is calling on Russia to step up and provide assistance to dictatorial leader Syria's Bashar al- Assad as he steps partnering with the Russian military to defend the ancient city from a second capture by the Islamic State fighters.

"Well, we have talked for quite some time about the efforts that are currently underway to de-conflict our military activities with Russia in the skies over Iraq and in Syria.  There have been a number of consultations about that.  But those consultations have stopped short of any sort of formal military cooperation, and I don't anticipate that that will change," Earnest said.

NBC Identifies 15 Americans Who Joined ISIS

The NBC News Show, On Assignment, in an exclusive to, airing Sunday, May 15, 2016 at 7:00pm EST has gone forward with a story that identifies 15 Americans who left the United States to join the Islamic State fighters.

Pull Outs from the NBC Report

The group, all of Middle Eastern descent, lived in Ohio, California, Minnesota, Virginia, Minneapolis, Texas, Brooklyn and Seattle.

The NBC exclusive reports on a three person California ISIS cell group, one of the members is the son of a Silicon Valley businessman.

NBC obtained the files, through an informant, that provided names and contact information on everyone who had joined ISIS between 2013 and 2014 and smuggled out from an ISIS command center in a baby diaper.

The full NBC interview can be seen/read here:

Iraq Teeters on The Brink Amidst Insecurities

For the everyday citizen in Iraq the insecurities of simple living, the everyday threats, the Islamic state fighters who intentionally target innocent civilians in order to strike fear and terror in the general populations is making living and governing almost impossible.

The U.S. has maintained a "No Boots on The Ground" position although the President has stepped back from that with the deployment of 250 soldiers and others who act as military advisors to the Iraqi military and those who are assisting in military training to accelerate Iraqi preparedness.

" We've made a lot of important progress over the last almost two years now in driving ISIL out of significant populated areas, but there obviously more work to be done.  There was a reference earlier to the effort to drive ISIL out of Mosul, and that will be a tall order.  But the United States and our coalition partners have worked effectively with Iraqi security forces to begin the effort to shape that military strategy.  And we're going to continue to support Prime Minister Abadi as he pursues a governing agenda that reflects the diversity of the nation of Iraq, " Earnest said.

The general chaos of life is unimaginable. The welfare of the people who are investing in leadership to assist are finding government impotent and ineffective against the determination of the Islamic State. The threat everyday of suicide bombs, of the Islamic Fighters coming into your town, home and taking over, the fear of starvation, the violence and brutality of the Islamic State fighters is as close to the Nazi SS as many have ever experienced. The Iraqi people will never be free without a full on world effort.

The total annihilation, complete destruction, is the only possible solution. Boots on the Ground, a global coalition, airstrikes, all available militaristic resources are needed to drive back the advancing terror organization.

Will we one day accept the reign of ISIS as the world did with the PLO? Will terror simply become a way of life allowing for the birth of a nations state dedicated to the advancement of global terror regimes and training facilities.

The PLO also waged war against the Israelis and were labeled terrorists. No leader would dare speak with then leader Yasser Arafat for fear it would doom them politically.  Sixty-Five years later a nation was acknowledged and recognized.

Will the next generation see ISIS in the same way; will the ineffectiveness of our generation giveaway to acceptance or apathy or worse. Will ineffectiveness that allows even one seed to survive be the edict we leave for others? Polite warfare is simply ineffective warfare.

Beltway Insider: Syria Erupts; August Peace Deadline; ISIS Kills Soldier; Refugee Camp Hit; Election 2016; Economy

Secretary Kerry Attend UK Hosted Anti-Corruption Summit

Secretary of State John Kerry represented the United States at the recent Anti-Corruption Summit hosted by UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Summit was an extension of the meetings the G7 has held that identifies avenues of corruption that allow the super-rich to hide and conceal money and evade taxes while those with less means are carrying the burdens.

The Summit, the first of its kind, is acting under the guise of the recent global agreements such as the Paris Climate Agreement, the bring together leaders who understanding the necessities of this generation and the next agree to act in a manner that will elevate some of the burdens on the next generation.

The Climate summit was very effective. Money, however, can be quite a different issue as we see the recent revelation of the Panama Paper that continue to expose many who are accused of housing money is more favorable regions, those whose taxes aren't so heavy.

The UK Anti-Corruption Summit is expecting allies to join in a unified global leadership governance adhering to ley points and then mandate those same actions in every nation.

The first key point is to expose corruption so there is nowhere to hide, punish the perpetrators and support those affected by corruption, drive out the culture of corruption wherever it exists.

Off shore holdings and tax shelters is not limited to only those exposed in this massive documents. The United States skirted exposure as the majority of the investors were not in the Cayman Islands a popular destination and Tax Haven.

The Prime Minister took note of this and did add the hypocrisy of the United States was hampering the progress of the summit.

The Summits Mission Statement declared "This summit is seeking to galvanize a global response to tackle corruption. As well as agreeing a package of actions to tackle corruption across the board, it will deal with issues including corporate secrecy, government transparency, the enforcement of international anti-corruption laws, and the strengthening of international institutions."

Election 2016: Sanders, Clinton Continue To Fight it Out; Trump Attempts to Unify a Splintered Party

Presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and Democratic Challenger Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are continuing to spar as each sees the upcoming finish line.

May, thus far has been all Senator Sanders. His recent victories in Indiana by a margin of 31,874 votes and 5% points was followed by a big win in West Virginia where he trounced the Clinton Machine with an embarrassing loss of 15.6% points and nearly 37,506 votes.

May has two additional primaries, Kentucky with 55 delegates and Oregon with 61 delegates, proportionality awarded neither can propel Mrs. Clinton, over the 2300 mark, to the win, nor can they dent the needed totals by Senator Sanders.

As Sanders would need nearly every awarded delegate available to overcome the Clinton Machine, May's victories are bragging right as Democratic voters head to the polls June 7, 2016 in six states guaranteeing Mrs. Clinton the nomination and propelling Senators Sanders closer.

With 1052 delegates remaining, Senator Sanders would need 910 in order to secure the nomination leaving 142.

As of today, prior to the Tuesday May 17, 2016 Kentucky primary, Hillary is 143 short of clinching the nomination outright. It is mathematically impossible for both candidates to secure wins. For Mrs. Clinton to secure 143 delegates, Senator Sanders would be left with 909 and 1 shy of the 2383 needed to secure the nomination.

The upcoming Kentucky primary will solidify Mrs. Clinton's presumptive and de facto nomination. Mrs. Clinton has yet to name a transition advisor or give in to the pressure and swirling rumors of Vice-presidential choices.

Donald Trump Attempts to Repair Splintered Party

Republican Presidential Nominee Donald J. Trump has waved an olive branch to Washington GOP leaders as he looks to repair the splintered and dysfunctional party.

As Trump has clinched the Republican Presidential Nominee title, he began by naming New Jersey Governor, Republican Chris Christie to lead his transition team.

The New Jersey Governor disavowed any knowledge of the retaliatory attacks that stripped local leaders of services and caused a four-day semi-closure and massive delays across the George Washington Bridge in Fort Lee, NJ, and survived the Bridge-gate scandal that cost his top advisors their employment during his reelection campaign in September 2013. One staffer pled guilty, turned state's evidence and two others face prison time.

Donald Trump has stated he will not name his Vice-Presidential running mate until July which end the speculation media frenzy. The media in an attempt of full disclosure did however dig up the tapes of Donald Trump attempting to resuscitate his reputation after a public break-up with then second wife, Marla Maples Trump.

Trump has denied acting as his own PR Rep; which in reality is minor the media denial is worse. If it was him, he should admit it, with a joke on controlling the media machine and go on. Now, as the tapes are clear, the denial could cost him the public trust.

The Affordable Care Acts Hits a Setback

ObamaCare spending has hit a snag. For the first time a higher court has ruled against the Affordable Care Act in favor of Republicans who, after 41 attempts a secured a victory of sorts over the Obama Administration and the Health Care bill.

House Republicans brought a challenge against the Obama administration regarding the legality of certain spending under Obamacare. US District Judge Rosemary Collyer said the law is "clear," and that the money being used was not allocated for Obamacare, and ruled the spending as unconstitutional. The decision has been put on hold pending appeal.

El Chapo Extradition Approved

Notorious Sinaloa Cartel leader, El Chapo is awaiting extradition to the United States to face Drug Charges.  A Mexican court ruled on Monday that Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzmán can be extradited to the United States to face trafficking charges. Guzmán was recently moved to a Mexican prison closer to the American border near Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas.

For more information on President Barack Obama:

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