Beltway Insider: Trump/Corona Virus, Cases Spike, Structure Weakness, Election 2020: Biden, Sanders

President Trump continues his reelection strategy, and as Democrats are solidifying their direction, his most formidable challenger is his lack of leadership regarding COVID-19 and his unrelenting diluting and downplaying of this highly contagious and deadly disease.

The President's job approval rating, according to the website, which tracked polls of likely or registered voters for the period ending March 08, 2020, decreased by 1.9 percentage points to 42.8% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness increased by 2.0 percentage points to 53.0%. A slight 3% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated bi-monthly.

Beltway Insider: Trump Coronavirus Czar, CDC Preparedness, Travel Bans, Bob Iger, Election 2020

House Prepares Staff for Remote Scenarios

In order to maintain the continuance of government in the possible wake of the extraordinary circumstances surrounding COVID-19, employees will be permitted to exercise a choice in preemptive care and a comfort level in the possibility of office building closures, bans on crowd size or any disruption, which may prohibit employees from working onsite.

Allowing support staff of all branches to work remotely has been discussed and "according to a memo sent to all House offices and obtained by Fox News, the House Administration Committee is preparing for scenarios to allow staff to work remotely "in light of the unique and unusual circumstances presented by the corona virus," reported by

Continues Business as Usual

The president's failure to take the lead, in this time of national crisis and actually rise to the severity of the occasion instead of his usual downplaying, diluting and water down of the facts, dismissing them as misinformation "fake news" from "fake news sources" and his countless hammering away through twitter into the psyche of America that not only does everyone have it all wrong and he targeted and put upon but he is the only one who is innocent in this entire situation.

He has taken the severity of COVID-19 and victimized himself. He is not the victim, not in this case nor in any other instance.

Corona Virus - World Plays Wait and See for Events, including Summer Olympics

As nations outside of highly affected "Red Zones" are playing a dangerous wait and see approach and looking to leadership who may or may not be permitted to relay accurate data, including infection rate, death, and simply the severity of the corona-virus.

A few hours of internet searching and any person can build a timeline that is starkly different from what the public is being asked to believe.

In 1996, before COVID-19, and SARS, were common terms, two University of Texas Microbiologists, David A.J. Tyrrell and Steven H. Myint were working on Chapter 60 for the Medical Microbiology manual, titled Corona-viruses.

Simply the Corona-viruses cause acute, mild upper respiratory infections (common cold). The virus multiples and is transmitted via airborne droplets to the nasal mucosa. This isn't new information and is the reasoning behind the standard common cold preventative measures.

"Coronaviruses are found in avian and mammalian species. They resemble each other in morphology and chemical structure: for example, the coronaviruses of humans and cattle are antigenically related. There is no evidence, however, that human coronaviruses can be transmitted by animals. In animals, various coronaviruses invade many different tissues and cause a variety of diseases, but in humans they are only proved to cause mild upper respiratory infections, i.e. common colds," said David A.J. Tyrrell and Steven H. Myint.

The chapter excerpt also explains "Host Defenses." Meaning "only one-third to one-half of infected individuals develop symptoms. Because coronavirus infections are common, many individuals have specific antibodies in their nasal secretions, and these antibodies can protect against infection."

Fast forward to 2002 and the SARS outbreak in Guangdong China. The Severe Acute Respiratory syndrome appears in November 2002. It is six months before the World Health Organization team is mobilized to investigate.

The mutation of COVID-19, which is a wide theory on the internet to account for the mass outbreak, could possibly be true but is more likely some have host defenses that house a natural defense to pathogens full attack. This is common also, individuals with underlying health conditions, weakened immune systems, that information is based on this theory.

The Deadly Corona Virus, a Disease Relative of SARS, Remains Undaunted

Vulnerabilities Reported

Recent laboratory testing and analysis of the COVID-19 at Utah Southwestern University has published promising news in identifying vulnerabilities in the structure of the virus. Below is the announcement in part. The full study can be read here.


Specifically, the researchers point to areas where the viral genome encodes T cell and B cell antigens that could stimulate a response from the human immune system. They then compared those against the immunological maps of the severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) gathered in those coronavirus outbreaks. The resulting analysis was posted to the bioRxiv preprint server this week prior to peer review.


Few studies have reported on the immunological features of this new coronavirus. Our analyses in this respect could serve as a reference resource for immunological studies and for potential therapeutics and vaccine development," says Yang Xie, Ph.D., director of the Quantitative Biomedical Research Center (QBRC) and a professor of population and data sciences and in the Lyda Hill Department of Bioinformatics. Scientists in China made the virus sequences available in January.


Although mutations in this virus' genome are still very limited, they locate in genomic regions whose homologous counterparts in SARS and MERS are proved to be highly mutated, indicating these regions are potential mutation hot spots to watch out for," says Tao Wang, Ph.D., assistant professor of population and data sciences and an investigator in the Center for the Genetics of Host Defense, who co-led the study with Xie. Immunologists and vaccine designs should take these into consideration, as mutations will significantly affect the potential of the viral proteins to stimulate the immune system, the authors say.


Accountability and Truthfulness

Currently, there are 110,090 individuals infected by Coronavirus; 3831 people died and 62,301 have recovered from COVID-19.

As it is highly likely the virus had been active for six months prior to any global disease investigative team mobilizing for confirmation, protocols must be reassessed, as in all likelihood we are experiencing a developed pathogen, and are now past the 200th day since the first case, known or unknown, had infected humans.

Many believe that superpowers weaponize bio-warfare, and the COVID-19 is a "leaked" version of a bio-weapon the Chinese government had been analyzing in Wuhan, the home to the only Chinese Grade 4 Biolab, in all of China. This theory, however probable, has been shut down as unlikely.

"According to a genome analysis by Tanja Stadler from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel, the virus first began transmitting in humans in China as early as the first half of November 2019. "The widespread hypothesis that the first person was infected at an animal market in November is still plausible," Stadler said in a statement. "Our data effectively rule out the scenario that the virus circulated in humans for a long time before that,"' Vox News reported.

World Health Organization Information

The World Health Organization protocol for diseases investigation place day one on December 31, 2019, This date marks the first date when the WHO determined an atypical strain of Respiratory Diseases had developed, not when the first case, either known or unknown, was reported.

The cluster of cases representing the first known outbreak area could have included many with underlying medical conditions which exacerbated the onset and caused death without known attribution to COVID-19.

Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention

The Center for Infectious Diseases Research and Policy noted on December 31, 2019 initial reports of the atypical respiratory virus with attribution to "Virologist Leo Poon, DPhil, a SARS expert from Hong Kong University, told Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK), a public broadcasting service in Hong Kong, that it's too early to say the outbreak is a SARS event. He added that the emergence of atypical pneumonia cases requires identifying the responsible pathogen and ruling out SARS or other types of corona-viruses. So far, the cause of the outbreak is still under investigation."

Identification by the WHO and CDC had not yet begun, and more than likely wouldn't have begin on December 31, 2019 if this article and other whispering's from distraught relatives, and other drone surveillance and reconnaissance hadn't picked up unusual disruptive patterns and movement.

Worldwide Cases Spike, Iranian official Dies Days After Contracting Corona Virus


US Cases Spike, NY, CA, OR, Declare State of Emergency

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, in urging the public not to panic, said, "There is a Corona virus outbreak and fear pandemic." Of course, few will heed the suggestion of not preparing for the possibility of life post COVID-19 and the need to protect oneself.

Asking the public to not purchase, gloves, masks or hand sanitizer is essentially telling the public that unprotected sexual activity is safe. Of course, neither topic links to the other except of course, pro-active protection in sex and in the Corona Virus save lives and stops the spread of viruses and diseases. COVID-19 is not spread through sexual activity, although the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention has stated "kissing can."

Science Verses Religion - The Unspoken Biblical Association to the COVID-19

Before the shelves are empty, and delivery dates are two to three months out, it is best to prepare. Simple plastic gloves for transportation or public activity, face masks for public transportation and gatherings, alcohol based hand sanitizer, any kind will do, kills germs at 99.9% on the label, hand washing and surface wiping of leather seats in the movie theater, hand controls on anything, home surfaces, restaurants tables, and be more in tune to people around, if they appear sick, keep three to six feet from the person. For a few months, anti-social is suddenly in vogue.

Job Growth Strong Despite COVID-19 Fears

The Bureau of Labor of Statistics announced the economy added 273,000 new jobs over the past month as job growth and creation continues to boom.

Dow, S&P's Tough Week

Continued fears over the coronavirus and its global and long-term impact sent the DOW Jones Industrial and the S&P into a roller coaster week of dizzying comebacks and stomach drop losses.

The news that vulnerabilities in the structure of the COVID-19 virus should cause some settling, even as cases continue to spike, and the population maneuvers through this current, and potentially 12 month, contagion threat.

Election 2020: Biden Owns Super Tuesday; Sanders Takes California, Dems Bow Out

Democratic presidential hopeful and front runner Joe Biden conquered Super Tuesday with an unexpected, resounding, victory that seem to surprise everyone but the former Vice-President.

Heading into the make or break primary day when 14 states and American Samoa went to the polls, the then struggling candidate was considered the least likely, and many had mapped out his exit strategy.

Biden's solid victory in South Carolina, created a domino effect as former South Bend Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg suspended his campaign, as did Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar. Each endorsing former Vice-President Biden. Former Hedge Fund billionaire Tom Steyer also suspended his campaign.

Op/Ed: The Corona Virus -1918 All Over Again?

After Super Tuesday, former New York City mayor Mike Bloomberg ended his campaign; he also endorsed the former Vice-President. Former Democratic candidate, California Senator Kamala Harris has also endorsed Biden.

After placing third in her home state of Massachusetts, Senator Elizabeth Warren also ended her campaign for the Democratic Presidential nomination. She has yet to make an endorsement. New York Mayor and former democratic nominee Bill DeBlasio has endorsed Bernie Sanders.

When the final votes were tallied the former Vice-President took Super Tuesday in dramatic fashion, winning ten of the 14 states, for a total of 514 delegates. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders secured wins in four states, including California with its 415 delegates, and secured a total of 435 delegates.

As the two front runners, Biden and Bernie Sanders, take one the other it is doubtful should Biden secure the nomination and pass on Sanders for the VP spot that it will produce the voter hemorrhage as it did when former Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton passed on him four years ago.

As Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders holds a senate seat, currently, will he present a good faith act, showing the people he is a man of his word, and introduce legislation to cancel all student loan debt? Doubtful, it is an enticement tool to draw the voters.

March Primaries continue this week with contests held on March 10, 2020 in Idaho, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, North Dakota, Washington. A caucus will be held in the Northern Marina Islands, on March 14, a Trust Territory awarded to the United States by the United Nations.

As Americans head to the polls to cast their ballot for the candidate they believe is the most qualified and able to defeat President Trump, the determination not to allow voter suppression, in whatever form it takes, including the possibility of exposure to COVID-19, to stop each citizen from casting their vote.


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