Beltway Insider: Biden’s New Deal, Capitol Attack, Jobs, COVID Totals, Vaccine, Cuomo, George Floyd, G. Gordon Liddy

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As the nation convulses from pandemic fatigue the societal ills dormant from lockdowns have reentered the mainstream; mass shootings have returned, hate crimes are rising, and domestic terrorists have targeted the nation's capital with a second attack.

The President's job approval rating, according to the website, for the period ending April 4, 2021, decreased by 0.5% to 53.9% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness increased by 0.2% percentage points to 39.9%. A slight 3% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated weekly.

Beltway Insider: Biden, GOP Shuffle, Georgia, COVID Totals, Vaccine, Legal Rape, Violence, Immigration, Olympics

Biden's New Deal

President Biden announced this week his second major legislation, a $2Trillion package to address the nations crumbling infrastructure, which will also create thousands of employment opportunities for a range of workers.

The America's Job Plan, reminiscent to Franklin D. Roosevelt's New Deal, will "spend around $650 billion on revamping bridges and roads, $300 billion on housing infrastructure, $300 billion on reviving U.S. manufacturing, $400 billion on care for the elderly and disabled, $400 billion on clean-energy credits, as well as an unspecified amount on broadband, water systems and other measures," reported.

The once-in-a-century piece of legislation obviously comes at a hefty price tag. Biden also introduced a Made in America tax plan which will hike corporate tax rates to 28% from the current 21% and for multinational companies he proposes to raise the tax rate to 21%. The Made in America tax plan also includes tax hikes for all nations on a case-by-case basis.

The infrastructure legislation will increase employment opportunities in most cities, large and small, across America. Also earmarked are funds for modernizing schools, increasing broadband access, removing lead pipes in all water systems throughout the United States and upgrading V.A. hospitals.

Capitol Ramming Attack

The U.S. Capitol was once again the scene of chaos and carnage on Friday, when a disgruntled attacker, later identified as Noah Green, 25, used his vehicle to ram the Capitol barricades killing Officer William F. Evans and injuring his partner.

"Jill and I were heartbroken to learn of the violent attack at a security checkpoint on the U.S. Capitol grounds, which killed Officer William Evans of the U.S. Capitol Police, and left a fellow officer fighting for his life.  We send our heartfelt condolences to Officer Evans' family, and everyone grieving his loss.  We know what a difficult time this has been for the Capitol, everyone who works there, and those who protect it," President Biden said in a released statement.

As Congress was in recess for the Easter holiday, the Good Friday attack did not appear to have targeted any lawmaker.

Evans marks the second Capitol Police officer killed in the line of duty this year. Brian Sicknick, a Capitol Police Officer, was murdered during the January 6 siege which resulted in a breech of the Capitol Building by Trump Supporters, who were determined to disrupt the presidential certification process,

"Today, America's heart has been broken by the tragic and heroic death of one of our Capitol Police heroes: Officer William Evans," she wrote. "Once again, these heroes risked their lives to protect our Capitol and our Country, with the same extraordinary selflessness and spirit of service seen on January 6. On behalf of the entire House, we are profoundly grateful," The Washington Post reported.

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January 6 Attack Suspect Released

A pair of January 6 Capitol siege participants photographed, inside the House of representative Chambers, with a large ring of zip-tie handcuffs, have been granted pre-trail release from jail and can await trial at home in Tennessee on home confinement.

U.S. Court of Appeals Judge Robert L. Wilkins noted the lower courts erred in the determination and stated, "In our view, those who actually assaulted police officers and broke through windows, doors, and barricades, and those who aided, conspired with, planned, or coordinated such actions, are in a different category of dangerousness than those who cheered on the violence or entered the Capitol after others cleared the way," The Washington Post reported.

The mother and son duo, Lisa Marie Eisenhart, 57, and Eric Munchel, 30, were photographed standing in the balcony of the chambers with zip tie handcuffs have been deemed "non-threats" by a federal appeals court.

Determining the extent of criminality or racial persuasion which coupled with mob mentality and directly fueled by the sitting president and an unwavering falsehood presented the perfect storm for January 6 participants.

The lower court opinion cited by U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth stated "few offenses are more threatening to our way of life" than supporting "the violent overthrow of our government."

Employment Increases Across Job Sectors

The Bureau of Labor Statistics announced this week the economy added 916,000 jobs in March 2021 and the unemployment rate has dropped to 6%, indicating hiring across all sectors and a general cessation of pandemic related economic instability, due in part to the continued efforts to vaccinate and achieve herd immunity.

Microsoft Enters the Spy Game

Microsoft Technology company, most notably known for the most globally accepted office products, has been awarded a $21billion contract by the U.S. Military to developed augmented reality headsets software which will be used to provide immediate intelligence information.

The IVAS, Inverted Visual Augmentation System, will provide real time threat assessment in military situations removed from communication operations, allowing for assessment adjustments based on the information provided. The contract is potentially worth $21billion, ten-year deal, and can be cancelled mid-term, after the first five years, if the military deems the product non-acceptable.

GOP Representative Caught Up in Sex Sting, Extortion

Representative Matt Gaetz, (R. FL), a loyalist to former President Trump, has been the target of an FBI probe in an alleged sex crimes sting and is suspected, although not charged, of sexual relations with a minor and paying for her travel.

"The investigation into Gaetz began some time last year, when Trump was still in office, after a criminal case against a different Florida politician led investigators to allegations that the congressman had a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl and paid for her travel, a person familiar with the matter said on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. As that probe was underway, the person said, Gaetz's family raised allegations that the congressman was being extorted, and the FBI separately is exploring those claims," The Washington Post reported.

Coyotes - The Evil Behind The Flood of Human Trafficking

Coyotes, the human traffickers responsible for smuggling millions of illegals across the southern border revealed a particularly brutal nature this week as two unknowns were photographed, via night vision dropping two toddlers, 14feet over the border barrier wall, into the barren, brutal desert at night, alone.

The two girls, ages 3 and 5, from Ecuador, were rescued not long after the Coyotes left them, and became two of the nearly 16,000+ illegal migrant children smuggled into the United States alone. It is unclear if the girls will be returned to Ecuador or if they have family within the United States.

Vaccine Totals has built a vaccine tracker which can be seen here. More than 656 million doses have been administered across 151 countries, according to data collected by Bloomberg. The latest rate was roughly 18.7 million doses a day.

"In the U.S., more Americans have received at least one dose than have tested positive for the virus since the pandemic began. So far, 165 million doses have been given. In the last week, an average of 3.08 million doses per day were administered," reported.

"In the U.S., the latest vaccination rate is 3,084,436 doses per day, on average. At this pace, it will take another 3 months to cover 75% of the population," reported

The newest weekly numbers represent a one month drop to cover the needed 75% of the population n necessary to achieve herd immunity.

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Coronavirus Totals

While the infection rates of the coronavirus have continued to decline around the world. A new strain, a mutation, has created global concern for leaders around the world are determining the best direction for the protection of the population. The importance of maintaining personal protective practices is imperative to controlling the spread.

Nations around the world are facing increased threats and have been forced to lockdown again. France has entered its third national lockdown as it battles a surge in cases of Covid-19 that threatens to overwhelm the country's hospitals. The UK and especially hard-hit London is faced with rolling lockdowns depending on location.

For the week ending April 4, 2021, coronavirus cases globally, increased by 4,346,900 confirmed cases, bringing the total of confirmed cases worldwide to 130,955,500 people with a total worldwide death toll of 2,848,100 deaths, an increase, of 226,400. (Data from The New York Times).


Infections rates in the United States are also on the rise. For the week ending April 4, 2021, the total confirmed cases rose to 30,720,400 people with new confirmed cases increasing by 480,800 with an average of 68,685 cases daily over a seven-day period. The coronavirus has claimed 554,500 total deaths, a one week increase of 6,200 deaths. (Data from The New York Times).

George Floyd Trial

The murder trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of using excessive force and causing the death of George Floyd, the Minneapolis man whose death sparked a national movement, began this week with testimony from witnesses, including the store clerk who telephoned police.

"Floyd, a Black man, died after Chauvin appeared on video pressing his knee to the man's neck for nearly nine minutes on May 25 last year. The medical examiner ruled the manner of death a homicide – although he also said he found a "pretty high" level of fentanyl in his system," reported.

Store surveillance video of George Floyd passing a counterfeit $20 dollar bill was presented as well as repeated efforts by the store management to persuade Floyd to come back into the store and handle the issue. After he refused the police were called.

Floyd's arrest which is captured in part of police video cam and by witness video depicts the situation escalating which many attributed to Floyd's size, at 6'4" he was nearly six inches taller than the arresting officer, 19-year veteran Dereck Chauvin. Three other officers were also arrested and charged in the death of George Floyd.

The National Guard has been deployed in Minneapolis for the duration of the trial which is expected to last three weeks. While many believe Chauvin will be found guilty, national precedent does not favor a guilty verdict.

This is not the first clear murder of an unarmed Black man by police officers. Staten Island's Eric Garner was placed in a chokehold and killed, by responding officers. He final words, of "I can't breathe," echoed across the nation and shocked even the most jaded New Yorkers. The police officers were not indicted.

Homicide Ruling in Staten Island Choke Victim Case

NY Gov Investigation Probe Calls Additional Women

The investigation into allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct against New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, has resulted in additional subpoenas by New York Attorney General Leticia James.

"Paul Fishman, a lawyer representing Mr. Cuomo's administration, said: "No one should be surprised that the AG's office is issuing requests for documents and interviewing witnesses, including many who work for the governor. That happens in every investigation, and it's wildly premature to speculate what it means. Good, thorough, and fair investigations take time," The Wall Street Journal reported.

The governor is accused of sexual harassment by at least ten different women and intentionally misled federal, state, and local officials on the number of nursing home deaths directly caused by the coronavirus. He has been asked by New York State's leading political leaders to resign believing he has become ineffective and lost his ability to govern.

G. Gordon Liddy, Mastermind Behind Watergate, Dies

G. Gordon Liddy, one of President's Nixon's top aides, and mastermind behind the Watergate break-in which eventually led to the downfall and resignation of the president has died this week. He was 90.

"Mr. Liddy was head of a team of Republican operatives known as "the plumbers," whose mission was to find leakers of information embarrassing to the Nixon administration. Among Mr. Liddy's specialties were gathering political intelligence and organizing activities to disrupt or discredit Mr. Nixon's Democratic opponents," The Wall Street Journal reported.

Liddy who eventually served over four years in prison. Upon his release he continued his life in politics with a radio show, Radio America. He also used his infamy to reinvent his career appearing in small television roles and publishing seven books.

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