The CDC Plays Politics

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The Center for Disease Control has bowed to the Biden Administration playbook announcing the abandonment of some coronavirus restrictions presenting an impression that the virus has somehow miraculously dissipated and everyone, now fully vaccinated, can drop the mask.

"Fully vaccinated people don't need to wear a mask or physically distance during outdoor or indoor activities, large or small, federal health officials said, the broadest easing of pandemic recommendations so far. The fully vaccinated should continue to wear a mask while traveling by plane, bus or train, and the guidance doesn't apply to certain places such as hospitals, nursing homes and prisons, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Thursday," The Wall Street Journal reported.

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This sounds like a pure adrenaline shot to the Biden administration and in reality, the vaccine, by the admission of Pfizer's CEO Albert Bourla, is only good for 200 days. So, for first round vaccine recipients, those who received their vaccine in January 2021 or before, the 200 days, or seven months, are quickly ticking down.

Booster shots which will become the next big wave have not been introduced. By the end of the year is the common expectancy for delivery. But for now, they say, celebrate, mask-less, this Independence Day, and we will collectively hope, the immunization, can squeak most through a few extra months.

We are not past the virus. We are past the worst of the virus. The virus has not died, dissipated, melted, died from extreme winter cold, burned up in extreme heat. The coronavirus will never leave us now. It is in the air. It is a virus that will always be a communicable virus that we, collectively as a people will need to manage.

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We all know the phrase "think globally and act locally." Each nation must think globally while acting locally. The most recent upsurge in cases in Tokyo has delayed the President of the IOC, Thomas Bach, from traveling to Tokyo recently for a meeting as Japan in in a state of emergency.

"Cases of Covid-19 are rising in Japan, forcing its government to issue a state of emergency that will last through at least the end of May. On top of that, the country has been slow to roll out vaccines compared to other developed countries. Only about 2% of Japan's population of 126 million is fully vaccinated," Quartz reported.

The Japanese people, overwhelming, have said they do not want the Olympics influx. The Olympics are going on for National Pride, for hope, so that people around the world will see their best and most accomplished athletes go for the gold and perform amazing feats of athleticism. We will sit in our living rooms, and by that time go to pubs, or other gathering places and join in the comradery, thankful the virus of death passed by us.

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The Coronavirus numbers in India are staggering and not stagnant. With a positivity rate of 21% "India recorded 343,144 fresh Covid-19 infections on Friday, taking the caseload tally to 24,046,809, according to MoHFW. Deaths from the virus surged by 4,000 to hit 262,317 in total. V K Paul, Member (Health), Niti Aayog, said over two billion doses of Covid-19 vaccines will be made available in the country in five months between August and December, enough to vaccinate the entire population. He added that the Russian Covid vaccine Sputnik V is also likely to be available by next week," Business Standard reported.

This is not a Chicken Little crying the sky is falling. The facts are present. The virus is airborne. It travels, on its own, without thought of borders, countries, villages, cities, or demographics. Vaccination is the only protection. To abandon restrictions is to invite the unwanted guest into your home.

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Many of those who protested in the 1960s had a sentiment voiced through a continual distrust of the government. This should echo now. Use commonsense, remember politics play a part in every decision that government enacts. The global economy can not sustain economic shutdowns. Manageable infection rates are an acceptable sacrifice. Don't burn the mask just yet. It may just become a permanent wardrobe accessory for safety or peace of mind.

The new post pandemic normal may be moments away and all of us want to be there to enjoy it.

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