Op/Ed: Amy Coney Barrett and the People of Praise

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Judge Amy Coney Barret, an impressive and accomplished legal professional, a notable and distinguished academic, who once clerked for the much-respected Judge Antonio Scalia, on paper presents the credentials of a perfect, although left leaning, justice.

She also practices in a religious organization called People of Praise. Religion, outside of politics and sexual preferences, is about as divisive a topic as there is, in fact it is one of the big three that should never be discussed outside of personal circles.

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There are fringe groups everywhere following offshoot brands of Christianity, or other religions demanding adherence to customs and rituals that make most want to run to local judicial authorities for intervention.

Our nation has seen many cult Christian figures David Koresh, Jim Jones, some would say Scientology, and still others believe Utah Senator Mitt Romney's Mormon beliefs and their philosophies could border on bizarre, illegal, and cultish.

The People of Praise which according to Wikipedia, "excludes women from the highest leadership positions and teaches that men are the spiritual leaders of their families" The concern, for all, should be this indoctrinated focus of would carry over, as it is conditioned thought, into Ms. Coney-Barret's decision making process either intentionally or unintentionally.

Condition Response

Pavlovian conditioning teaches us that animals and humans can be conditioned. Triggered responses have become common. Saying Harvard in any conversation changes the course of the conversation. From simple words, educational organizations, uniforms, as a society we are conditioned to respond.

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The People of Praise, a small organization founded in 1971 during a time when religion, and dropping out to tune in, and other counter-culture themes where motivating many to form communities of like-minded believers. Some stayed intact and true to the foundational beliefs where others, and history has recorded those who have not, made headlines and hell for many.

Placing this organization against a start-up growth chart points out issues. Any entrepreneur with a fifty-year organization that has gained only 1700 members would take a hard look at the block in the message or marketing that is slowing the organizations growth.

In the case of People of Praise, the doctrine is based on man's interpretation with patriarchal influence dominating every aspect. The People of Praise Wikipedia page reads more like a secondary governance over the lives of those who count themselves members.

Christianity or Cult

The absence of the foundations of Christ as the organization and never states founded on the teachings of Christ or the principles of Christ or the triune God, it's like the fine print of authorship of the organization is missing.

The People of Praise believe in Speaking in Tongues, which for some is a sign of lunacy others see it as a direct correlation of closeness with Christ, gifted or endowed with a heavenly language of Zion, the heavenly home of the Christian.

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There is no judgment regarding the manifestation of the practices. If "speaking in tongues in prayer is not your brand of theological vodka, then don't join the People of Praise, or any Pentecostal church in the world," reported USAToday.

The issue is growth. The blessing of the Holy Spirit appears to be absent. No growth over fifty years, a dwindling membership, and from the membership statement, "the hope that we may soon attain a unit of faith in the fullness of Christ."

The fullness of Christ is available to every believer at the moment they accept Christ. The same power that rose Christ from the dead is living and active in every believer.

The grave of the old life that we walk from into the new life is the same power that released Christ from his earthly tethers to his place at the right hand of God. Searching around hoping to find it is missing the message and tethering people to a false doctrine and to a leader that will allegedly lead them closer, which can result in abuse of power, taking advantage of the sincere hearted believer.

Oversight and Doctrinal Issues

No oversight on any religious organization allows individuals to incorporate beliefs that drift from the foundation, given over to their own delusion of correctness and scriptural interpretation.

The left of center beliefs, any either side, creates extremist viewpoints and practicing churches, communities of believers who view the world through the teaching of a leader, who places himself at the head of the organization and lose everything should the pedestal fall.

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Moreover if God's greatest gift to mankind is choice, as a foundation of choice is built throughout both the Old and New Testaments, from the Garden of Eden (and many would say and look where that has got us) to Joshua 24:15 "Choose today whom you'll serve," to each and every miracle in the New Testament which calls for the hopeful, to make a choice and believe and in doing so they receive the miracle.

Mankind owes no less to each other, the right to choose, life, lifestyles, mistakes. Those who practice Christian doctrines, friendship evangelism should be the rule of the day when those choices result in hurts, difficulties or worse.

Is Impartiality Attainable

Could Amy Coney-Barret be impartial on cases of Abortion, Gay Rights and other Lifestyle's choices that are considered anti-Christian. I don't think she can be, as she would deny herself and the foundations of her biblical teaching, if she were. Being soul-tied to the practices of Christ, the biblical principles of Christianity, is the attainment.

Many biblical scholars will explain the church has no place in a person's bedroom. The law, however, is slower to remove antiquated ordinances, and there are still laws in the United States that challenge a couple's right to consensual practices.

Can she compartmentalize? Will her rooted religious practices be locked away while she sits on the bench? Does the government or the church for that matter have any place in a citizen's home or bedroom practices? And Roe v. Wade. It is a right of free citizenship to allow all citizens to govern the medical decision over their person.

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