Archeological Find Announced by Egyptian Government

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In the fourth major dig of the season, Mostafa Waziri, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council of Egyptian Antiquities, announced the discovery in the village of Saqqara 250 sarcophagi tombs, and hundreds of bronze statues dating back 2500 years.

Unearthed in an ancient Egyptian royalty burial ground, the major archeological discovery in the necropolis included 150 bronze statues and statuettes depicting Egyptian gods as well as more than 250 colorful painted tombs, called sarcophagus, in remarkably good condition.

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Image courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

"In one of the wooden sarcophagi, we found, for the first time, a complete and sealed papyrus," he told reporters at a makeshift exhibit Monday. The document was immediately moved to a museum for further study. Waziri said he believed it was similar to those found 100 years ago that discuss the Book of the Gates and the Book of the Dead. Both are ancient Egyptian funerary texts," The Washington Post reported.

Images courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

The dig site, known as a "well," produced a group or cluster of tombs, more than 250 surprisingly intact with the inlaid gold and colorful painting still unspoiled. Once the exterior of the tombs had been cleaned, the colors were astonishingly clear.

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Ancient Egyptians also worshipped cats and this region, is also known for the number of cats, that are also mummified. Many of them are found in opulently adorned and in burial tombs that reflect their owner's wealth or status.

Images courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

"The cemetery site where the coffins and statues were found was originally named for the ancient Egyptian cat-goddess Bast, due to the numerous statues of the deity discovered there. However, because of continued findings of statues of other gods and mummified animals, the site was renamed the Cemetery of Sacred Animals in 2019," reported.

Images courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

Excavations in the area have been ongoing since 2018 and the most recent in 2020 resulted in the finding of five tombs in the antiquities rich area of Saqqara, south of the Egyptian capital of Cairo and in 2021, the Egyptian expedition discovered a massive city founded by one of the greatest rulers of Egypt, King Amenhotep III.

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Images courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

The discoveries many of which are on display at the museum of Cairo have provided researchers and archeologists unique insight into the ancient Egyptian civilization and the world in which they lived how they worshipped, the form of government, and even the societal structures.

The Ancient Egyptian culture has deep influence on modern society, the Great Pyramids are tombs to the greatest rulers, which modernized became mausoleum, or vaults, which are currently used in cultures around the world.

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All images courtesy of the Council of Egyptian Antiquities.

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