Four Hours at The Capitol Review – Unfiltered Front-Line Account of January 6 Siege

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Four Hours at The Capitol, from HBO, present a comprehensive view of the Capitol siege, through first person interviews with senators and representatives, staffers, insurrectionists, and police officers as each recount the events of the day.

The documentary begins with a Washington D.C. Metropolitan police officer, Jimmy Albright, who begins with his story. At first glance it is challenging to determine if he is a Proud Boy or not. As we find out later, he is a DC metro police officer, and as he explains he was "late to the party and early to leave."

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At this point the countdown begins. As the film begins to document the next four hours at the Capitol. Each segment begins with an introduction from a key player, we meet members of the house of Representatives, Republicans who were planning on objecting to the certification of the total votes from key states, Arizona, Georgia and Pennsylvania, and Democrats who were not. New York State Senator Charles Schumer is interviewed, a Staffer from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's office, Capitol Police officers, and Proud Boy supporters.

The documentary continues by showing the front line of these Trump supporters, who believed they were told by their President to "fight like hell for their country" and they interpreted those words in the exactness to which they were spoken. The film counties to show, as they breeched each barricade, they had no concern for the officers, if breeching the barricade meant knocking down officers, they would knock them down. And while there is no rational or excuse for the violence, at moments the film also shows members of the mob assisting the fallen officers.

With chants of "Fuck Antifa" bellowing out of a megaphone and in unison thousands of supports would shout the same, it seemed as if it were almost a "hands up don't shoot" signal to the police surrounding the throngs of Trump supporters. The Proud Boys verbalized they were not "Antifa supporters," the leftist group, that believes in violence to further its agenda, so don't attack us. And yet, when they marched on Washington, they were dressed and ready for battle.

The film meticulously details how the violence quickly escalated, leaving Capitol security forces outnumbered and overwhelmed and highlights the standoff between police and rioters.

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Senator Schumer recalls being grabbed by the collar by a Secret Service officer and told to move immediately. All the senators were removed from the joint session of Congress to a secure location. Vice President Pence was removed and finally all members of the House of Representatives were taken to a separate secure location and held until the building could be secured.

Several journalists were onsite, a New York Times Photographer, who can be seen both at the front of the line, documenting the insanity. A freelance videographer was also present. It seemed obvious, he had a naiveté about him, like this was one big party, and he was just joining along.

When the mob made into the entry of senate chambers, Ashli Babbit, a fourteen-year military veteran and staunch pro-Trump fanatic, was attempting to break through the windows to gain entry. She was warned, they have a gun, and as no one had stopped these insurrectionists to this point, no one expected the guards to start now. It was an unfortunate gamble and she lost. She was shot to death. The freelancer is photographed stunned. The price of war just got real.

The fight for the tunnel was the next big incident and where we finally catch up with our two D.C. Metropolitan police officers, that we met as the documentary opened. With police from every branch available, they attempted to hold the line, which meant stopping the thousands of Proud Boy insurrectionists trying to break through at this particular entry point, trying to push through, and the limited number of police trying to stop entry. It looks like a wave of men pushing forward meeting an equal force trying to keep them out.

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Four Hours at The Capitol is unfiltered and spellbinding. The behind-the-scenes footage and first-person accounts reveal a scene that was not conveyed in its exactness on the nightly news. The determination of the insurrectionist, the hatred, the willing to kill others for a perceived belief, and more importantly to believe they could destroy the certification process of the President, in an attempt to subvert democracy.

Available for streaming on HBO and HBO Max beginning October 20, Four Hours at The Capitol, unfolds with urgent precision and presents an unfiltered look at the insurrection. Four Hours at The Capitol is focused and comprehensive and features never-before-seen footage and vivid first-hand accounts from lawmakers, staffers, police officers, protesters, and rioters. See this documentary.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 92minutes.

Release Date: October 20, 2021.

Director: Jamie Roberts

Producer: Jamie Roberts, Dan Reed, Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller.

Cast: Interviewees include Rep. Jim McGovern, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Rep. Ruben Gallego, Rep. Buddy Carter and Rep. Rosa DeLauro; senators Chuck Schumer and Dick Durbin; D.C. Metropolitan police officers Mike Fanone, Jimmy Albright and Daniel Hodges; Commanders Ramey Kyle and Robert Glover; and Capitol police officers Winston Pingeon, Byron Evans and Keith Robishaw; protestors/rioters including Couy Griffin, Dominic Box, Nick Alvear, Eddie Block and Bobbie Pickles; journalists/videographers and Capitol staffers.

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