Implanted Review – Contemporary Sci-Fi Thriller Delivers on Futuristic Story

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Implanted, from Gravitas Venture, presents a modern-day science fiction meets Big Pharma as bio-meter implantation is set to revolution the healthcare industry and a group of test subjects are recruited to determine the programs viability.

The film opens in Manhattan, an African American man is stumbling holding his head in a darkened alley, he continues toward the street, grabbing his head, screaming, a common sight and easily mistaken for any number of the mentally ill that inhabit the city that never sleeps. Soon he falls, into the street, dead.

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From this point we meet Sarah, played by Michelle Girolami, who is speaking to her AI director, LEXX who provides suggestions on her life, what she should do, reminds her when her vitals are elevated, explains her mood swings are associated with low sugar.

Soon we find out Sarah was recruited to participate in a experimental implantation programing by the pharmaceutical giant Dynamic Health Care, who believes the bio-meter nano-chip implantation can revolutionize healthcare monitoring. For $20,000 participants, most of whom are African American, low income, or homeless, the expendables of society, agree to be implanted.

Sarah hopes that the money received for her participation will solve her financial troubles and help her to take care of her mother who has Alzheimer's. A nanochip is implanted in her cerebral cortex. It is designed with artificial intelligence technology to take control of the body at the inception of any disease or illness.

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Sarah is financially struggling and falls into the homeless category. The pitch that potential subject receive is ultra-modern and presents the human testing as perfectly safe, the next gen phase in bio-meter healthcare. An implanted device that every medical professional will be able to access with a single scan.

As one would understand, anytime one deals with computers programming and a third party is involved the odds of testing following a set protocol are impossible. Sarah, our test subject is suddenly jolted by an intense brain signal, which is crippling her movements are reminiscent of the man seen in the beginning. This is only the beginning as LEXX begins to command her to follow directives.

Each time she complies, she is rewarded each time she refuses she is tortured. Suddenly she is being ordered to specific addresses throughout Manhattan to murder each of the individuals in charge of creating the LEXX program.

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Each time she complies, she is rewarded each time she refuses she is tortured. The device, which is located in between the shoulder blades of the victims, making it unreachable, even if they decided to withdraw from the program. Essentially once the expendables are implanted there is no exit strategy.

When the implant turns sinister and orders her to commit crimes, Sarah is plunged into a murderous spiral with only one choice: to live or die.

Of course, the backstory is big Pharma, and while it isn't Oxycontin, it is the next phase of creating a killer plague to rid society of the prejudged disposables, and as we see, through the interview process many are financial and big Pharma is playing on the cash infusion knowing that the majority won't survive the testing phase.

Although the implanted are unaware of a third party manipulating the technology or sending orders which are filtered through a computerized generated voice, the idea of the bio-meter suddenly becoming capable of thought processes and reasoning are where the film turns to science fiction fantasy, and as we find out, the process of implantation continues.

Implanted delivers an authentic believable story of capitalizing and exploiting the disenfranchised for financial gain and terminating the trail when the best laid plans implode. It could be a ripped from the headlines story, even with the rouge AI forcing the implanted into unwanted lives. Entertaining, with strong performances

Gravitas Ventures will release Implanted on digital platforms on October 1, 2021. 

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Country: USA.

Release Date: October 1, 2021.

Language: English.

Runtime: 93 minutes.

Director: Fabien Dufils.

Writer: Fabien Dufils.

Executive Produced: Jordon Winter, Malek Ghorayeb, Paul Mignot, Karim Naceur, Edmond Tao, Léa Morel, and Julien Seri. 

Cast: Michelle Girolami, Edouard Montoute, Candace McAdams, Martin Ewens, Shirley Huang, Ivo Velon, Scott Broughton, John Long, Adam P. Murphy, Mark Resnik, Bari Hyman, Nadar Boussandel, Sunny Koll, Roland Sands, Chloe Perrier, Susan O'Doherty, Dexter Strong, David Dotterer.

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