Escape the Field Review – Heightened Suspense, Riveting Performances

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Escape the Field, from Lionsgate, presents a suspenseful who done it, as six strangers each chosen by an unknown entity, are forced to unite and combine their skills with the hope of finding a way to escape.

The film begins with a close-up of a woman, Sam, played by Jordan Claire Robbins. She is dressed in scrubs and dumped in a cornfield. As the camera pans slowly, it becomes obvious she isn't dead. She wakes suddenly and finds a gun, and a single bullet beside her, her cellphone, keys, and other identifying information are missing.

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She hears noise as someone approaches. A man, Tyler, played by Theo Rossi, enters her small dirt circle, with his hands up. For a moment it is still not clear, if she was the target of this man. Will she be forced to run to escape him? Is he a killer? Soon she hears her story coming from him.

They explain abbreviated memories, of the night before and realize they are the targets of someone's sick game and deemed disposable. Finally, the man reveals he has been given matches, in a sliver case. Realizing, at this point, they are all they have the two begin to search for the possibility of escape.

After some distance, they hear rustling in the corn field and run into another stranger. The process of breaking through the suspicion is dependent on the items that have each been given. All have been stripped of their possessions, in addition to Sam's gun and bullet, and Tyler's matches the Ryan, played by Shane West, has a lantern, Denise, played by Elena Juatco, has been given a knife, and Ethan, played by Julian Feder a compass.

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Slowly the group of strangers, united by the desire to live and the determination to find a way out of the endless cornfield, depend on each other and form a trust bond. As they continue walking, they hear rustling in the filed and a final sixth person appears, Cameron, played by Tahirah Sharif, She, however, swears she did not receive any item.

After walking longer, the realize who ever brought them together can access homes, lives, private spaces, and the ability to make people disappear if they like. Name, who shocks the group by explaining she worked for the Pentagon deciphering code and name, a coder explains that she has also heard of these types of high-level government experiments including implanted micro-dots chips, and other freak test programs that have moved beyond the lab to practical testing in unassuming citizens.

Soon they find that name is holding out on them. Her item was a flask of water. She continues to challenge every choice the groups make. Even when she is clearly proven wrong, she reacts to her circumstances by constantly thinking only of her own survival, even if it means the others die in the process.

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With traps at every turn, the group realizes it's been plunged into an evil plot by an unknown entity to test the strength, will, and determination of the group to survive and then they realize this experiment, has been tested on countless others.

Escape the Field is a cat-and-mouse game with an unseen evil, and survival depends upon solving a diabolical, and deadly, puzzle. The fear is inescapable and the suspense nonstop in this gripping horror-thriller.

Escape the Field, a masterful escape room mystery, with heightened suspense and pop-ups around every corner, opens Friday, May 6, 2022. See it.

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Country: US.

Language English.

Running Time: 88 minutes.

Release Date: May 6, 2022.

Directed by: Emerson Moore.         

Written by: Emerson Moore, Joshua Dobkin, Sean Wathen.

Produced by: Andrew Davies Gans, Michael Philip, Jason Moring, Emerson Moore.

Cast: Jordan Claire Robbins, Theo Rossi, Tahirah Sharif, Julian Feder, Elena Juatco, Shane West.

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