LEXUS and The Weinstein Company Present Short Film Directors Jon Goldman and Satsuki Okawa

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Lexus and The Weinstein Company recently announced the two finalists in the LIFE IS AMAZING premiere short film showcase opportunity as the innovation giants work exclusively with the talented filmmakers and rely on the audience to vote the winner.


Director Jon Goldman has been named audience winner in a click–to-like-campaign for his edgy, romantic comedy, "Market Hours." As the winner, he receives a First Look deal with The Weinstein Company.

Prior to the announcement of the winner, the two finalists were meeting with media to support the short film series and stump for their film.

Goldman was joined by fellow finalist Japanese director Satsuki Okawa, the director of "Operation Barn Owl." Our interviews will follow separately.

The Films – "Operation Barn Owl"

Okawa creates a beautifully romantic comedy that tugs on the heart strings of every woman who longs for the moment when the one decides to tell the world officially.

As with most romantic comedies "Operation Barn Owl" is also one where these moments of finality seem to bring out the need to voice hidden truths and finally lend them to courage one never knew existed.

As a more traditional romantic comedy, "Operation Barn Owl" complete with the most awkward moment, the epiphany, when the future actually rests in the 60 seconds of realization. Our heroine is suddenly endowed with great courage as she looks for her lifelong friend.

She plans to explain to him today, now, this well planned moment, and the person that he believes he is in love with is not here. And while maybe it is her, she is not the love of his life, the one that has been there, always, and will be there.

If she can only explain and as time, details, need would have it the moment seems to arrive and pass in an instant, a breath, and suddenly the words will be lost or dormant forever, or until the season passes and suddenly or maybe the moment will come again.

"Operation Barn Owl," a beautifully made short film, doesn't lend itself to the conclusion that this moment is over. It is a film, I personally would like to see made into a full-length feature as all the elements are there to present the love triangle and with the quirkiness or lifetimes friendships, it was pleasant a, fun, moving and hopeful. Congratulations to Satsuki Okawa.

The Films – "Market Hours"

Jon Goldman, a well known Short Film Director, presents "Market Hours," our second short film.

A much different romantic comedy, "Market Hours" takes the oft mistaken and usually harshly pre-judged, gentle giant, a deep feeling artist.

A night security guard our gentle giant, also a writer who spends most of time observing the shopkeepers as each has a unique story, unfortunately his employment conflicts with the artists in him. Reprimanded he is on thin ice. Not a good place for a gentle giant.

Somewhere the thief in the night is stealing much more than the trinket he escapes with. Without an end soon our gentle giant who longs for the love of a local shopkeeper will have to leave also.

"Market Hours" won the audience click-to-like online campaign. It is short film that highlights the hesitation in all of us is often waiting for a defining moment.

The Experience

Having the opportunity to interview both winners of the Lexus and The Weinstein Company LIFE IS AMAZING short film festival it was interesting to hear the different experiences.

Both Jon Goldman and Satsuki Okawa were given the full immersion of working with The Weinstein's, which echoed from each of them of both intimidation and exhilaration.

The anticipation of the filmmaking process, engaging in the casting process, as both were seasoned short films directors the big budget short film complete with oversight and watchfulness provided stimulating and memorable moments.

Both films can be seen through these links:

Watch Market Hours here:

Watch Operation Barn Owl here:

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