Youth Film Forum to Coincide with 43rd MIFF

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On April 22-25, the business platform of the 43rd MIFF and the Moscow Youth Film Forum-2021, one of the stages of the All-Russian Youth Film Forum, will be held in "October" Festival Center (Hall 9) in "Illusion" Cinema.

All COVID recommendations for personal safety will be observed.

Within these days, there will be presentations of foreign platforms and educational programs to be attended by European experts, an open talk series: "Cinema after the pandemic. Industry development in the digital age", "Specific features of personnel training in the regions", "Distributors or platforms? Who should I give the film to?", open talk: "Yakut phenomenon. How is a movie made in the most cinematic region?" and presentation of regional cinema clusters "Making movies in Russia" to be attended by representatives of 27 regions of Russia.

All-Russian Youth Film Forum Announces Key Dates (ENG/RU)

The key event of the venue will be the Moscow Pitching of debutants with a total prize pool of 6 million rubles. 749 projects were submitted for participation in the Pitching, of which the Selection Committee chose 42 in the categories: "Full-length feature films"," Short feature films", "Documentaries", "TV Series", "Web Series" and "Work-in-progress". In each of the categories, a cash prize of 1,000,000 rubles will be awarded, as well as prizes from partners and pitching experts.

All events will be held in the traditional format of the festival, in compliance with all the necessary sanitary and epidemiological standards and a limited number of participants (no more than 50 people). Simultaneously, all events will be broadcast on the Moviestart youtube channel.

The program of the business platform of the 43rd Moscow International Film Festival and business program of the Moscow Youth Film Forum

April 22. "October" Cinema (Novy Arbat 24, hall No. 9).

"Foreign platforms: Opportunities for Debutants. Doc".

11:30–12:25. Presentation of the platform Speakers – Adam Paplinski and Katarzyna Szarecka (Poland) (online).

Moderator – Anastasia Bezruk, producer of the MIFF documentary program.

12:25–12:50. Presentation of Torino film lab. Speaker-Mercedes Fernandez Alonso (Spain) (online).

"Foreign platforms: Opportunities for Debutants. Pitch".

12:50–13:10. Presentation of the Tallinn International Film Festival "Dark Nights".

Speaker – Tiina Lokk, director of the festival (Estonia) (online).

"Foreign platforms: Opportunities for Debutants. Meeting".

13:10–13:30. Presentation of Sofia meeting. Speaker - Mira Staleva (Bulgaria) (online).

Moderator – Anna Arutyunova, consultant on international film markets and "TV-3" film festivals .

14:00–15:30. Open talk: "Foreign platforms. Russian Experience". Invited: Egor Odintsov, Berlinale Talents participant , Alam Sarfaras, organizer of the Russian Film Week in India , Katerina Mikhailova, EAVE and EAVE on DEMAND in Russia program participant, Elena Brodach, Torino film lab participant, Anna Ryasik, head of international of ROSKINO.

Moderator – Anna Gudkova, creative producer of 1-2-3 Production.

Moscow International Film Festival Announces Jury and Films (ENG/RU)

16:00-17:30. Open talk: "Cinema after the pandemic. Industry development in the digital age".

Speakers – Anton Kalinkin (CHILL Web Cinema / Association of Web Content Producers), Dmitry Tabarchuk (Art Pictures Vision), Natalia Klibanova (Amedia), Maria Grechishnikova (Star Media).

Moderator – Egor Moskvitin, film critic.

April 23. "October" Cinema (Novy Arbat 24, hall No. 9).

11:00-12:00. Open talk: "Specific features of personnel training in the regions".

Speakers - Borislav Volodin (Art masters), Pavel Danilov (Saint Petersburg Institute of Film and Television), Anna Sharova (Moscow Film School), Dmitry Kotov (Higher School of Economics, Arka Film School), Andrey Zubov (Mediapolis, Tyumen), Ulyana Beletskaya (Project Manager, Siberia.doc, Krasnoyarsk).

Moderator – Yulia Volkova, editor-in-chief ,"Moviestart" portal.

12:30–14:30. Presentation of regional cinema clusters "Making movies in Russia" to be attended by representatives of 27 regions of Russia.

Experts – Evgenia Danilchenko (Russian Export Center), Olga Zhukova (Association of Film and Television Producers), Marina Abramova (Roskultcenter), Alam Sarfaras, producer (India), Anastasia Zuenko (Moscow Film Commission), Evgeny Grigoriev (Sverdlovsk Film Studios), Nina Kochelyaeva (New Institute of Cultural Studies), Irina Mastusova (Animation Film Association), Steven Mao (USA).

Invited guests – Larisa Solonitsyna (Union of Filmmakers of Russia), representatives of leading production companies.

Moderator – Dmitry Yakunin, curator, MIFF business platform, project manager, All-Russian Youth Film Forum.

15-00-16-30. Open talk: "Cinemas or platforms: who should I give the film to?»

Speakers – Alexey Trotsyuk (, Andrey Pershin (Zhora Kryzhovnikov)), creative producer of NMG Studio, general producer of, Roman Dorofeev (Russian report), Irina Ponomareva ("White Nights"), Elena Fisenko (Capella Film), Sergey Kornikhin ("Drug druga"), Makar Kozhuhov (Okko).

Moderator – Susanna Alperina, columnist for "Rossiyskaya Gazeta".

17:00-18:00. Open talk: "Yakut phenomenon. How are films made in the most cinematic region?"

Speakers – Petr Khiki, film director of "Cold Gold" film , Petr Chiryaev, director, "Yakut Republican Film Network" ANO, Irina Engelis Director of the Yakut International Film Festival.

Moderator – Andrey Apostolov, film critic, advisor to the rector of VGIK .

18:30–20:00. Screening showings of 2019-2020 Debutant Pitching Winners.

April 24. "Illusion"Cinema (Kotelnicheskaya nab.,1/15).

MIFF: XIV Moscow Pitching of Debutants Announces Winners (Pics)

Moscow Pitching of Debutants

10:30-12:00. "Short feature films" category.

12:30–14:00. "Documentary" category.

14:30–16:00. "Full-length feature film" category.

16:30–18:00. "Work-in-progress" category.

April 25. "Illusion"Cinema (Kotelnicheskaya nab.,1/15).

Moscow Pitching of Debutants

11:00–12:30. "Web Series" category.

13:00–14:30. "TV Series" category.

15:30–17.00. Master-class "Intellectual rights". Speaker – Grigory Turintsev (n'RIS).

15: 30–17:00. One-on-one meetings for experts, participants and guests of the MIFF business platform.

The Pitching Expert Panel will be made up of the leading representatives of the film industry, including: Sergey Selyanov, general producer, STV, Sergey Miroshnichenko, artistic director, "Ostrov" studios, documentary director, Fyodor Popov, general director, Stella Creative Studio and VGIK-Debut Studio, Anton Kalinkin, producer, founder of the International Web Series Festival "Realist Web Fest", web cinema CHILL and the Russian Association of Web Series Producers, Larisa Solonitsyna, first deputy chairperson of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia, Maria Lemesheva, editor-in-chief of the website "Kinoreporter", Ekaterina Bordacheva, general director, "Russian Film Business" International film market, Leonid Demchenko, head of department for state support of national feature films production of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation , Evgeny Grigoriev, general director, "First Cinema" film company , creative producer of "Sverdlovsk Film Studios" , Anna Gudkova, creative producer, "TNT-Premier", Andrey Zolotarev and Roman Kantor, screenwriters, Sergey Kornikhin, general producer, "Drug druga"company, Steven Mao, producer, director (USA), Vadim Potapov, deputy general director, "Kinoprime" Foundation, Vladislav Rubin, creative producer, "Yandex Studio" producer center, Igor Ugolnikov, general director, "Voenfilm" film studio and others.

MIFF: The Opening Ceremony of the 42nd Moscow International Film Festival (Pics)

Organizers: Directorate of the Moscow International Film Festival, Youth Center of the Union of Filmmakers of Russia with support of the Presidential Grants Foundation, the National Fund for Support of Copyright Holders, Canon, CHILL web cinema, Film and TV Producers Association.

General information partners: "Bulletin kinoprokatchika", The Digital Reporter, ProfiCinema,, Moviestart.

Information partners: "Kinoreporter", "Kinobusiness segodnya", Cinemaplex, RabotnikiTV, Kulturomania, Russian Guild of Non-fiction Films and Television, CinePromo, Festagent, ArtMoskovia, Versia.

The partner of the "Work in progress" category is CINELAB.

The All-Russian Youth Film Forum is organized by the Union of Cinematographers of Russia and its Youth Center on the basis of the "All-Russian Pitching of Debutants" (held since 2013 – and listed as one of TOP 100 projects of the "Presidential Grants Foundation").

In 2021, the All-Russian Youth Film Forum will be held in 13 regions of Russia. Within the framework of the film forum, the following events will be held: Pitching of Debutants; presentation of regional cinema clusters; location tour; round tables, open talk, foresight sessions; educational program; screening showings and premieres of debut and regional films.

The prize fund of the Film Forum is 20 million rubles.

Contact information:

Haute Tease

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