Season Two of Russian Dating Hit "Natural Selection" Premieres

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The second season of one of the most successful Russian web series "Natural Selection," the search for love and oneself, directed by Kirill Alekhin will be released on October 8 on the social network "Vkontakte."

In total, there are 16 episodes in the season, 10-14 minutes each. They will air until October 16 with 2 episodes per day. "Natural Selection" is an ironic and very life story about the search for love and oneself, the project is based on real unsuccessful dates.

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Starring in the show performed by Yefim Petrunin ( "Walk, Bob!", "Balkan abroad", "My dad - Baryshnikov"), Alexey Makarov ( "August 44th", "part of the Universe," "The Story of a destination"), Maria Korytova ("Halves") and others.

In the second season, the singer, winner of the 2016 TV show "The Voice" Daria Antonyuk also starred, whose appearance brought elements of a musical to the project.

The two seasons of the web series is a complete story of how to learn to take care of loved ones and begin to understand yourself. From funny dates to codependent relationships. From lightness to responsibility. From falling in love to a crisis of growth. About her. About him. And about them.

The series premiered on September 29 at the Documentary Film Center. The picture was presented by the creators of the project.

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"I would say: this does not happen. In eight months we have written, filmed and are now releasing sixteen short comedies. About dating and hope, love and responsibility. Almost three hours of funny and lyrical cinema. With great acting, lively and very, very honest. This is not a comedy about virtual characters. This is a sincere, even personal story about what we have encountered. Our friends. And - I am absolutely sure of this - all our viewers , "said the director of" Natural Selection " Kirill Alekhin .

To create Natural Selection, its authors did a great deal of research on first dates. At first, they organized about 40 interviews among their entourage between the ages of 25 and 33. Then we talked with the audience of the popular sex-enlightenment blog "Masha, come on!". In total, about 600 different dating stories have been collected. And the series was based on completely real cases.

In the first season, the main character was a 27-year-old girl Alice, who went on quick dates, tried dating on the Internet and on the street in search of her only one. She tried to find someone who could understand and love her, but instead began to understand herself better.

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The main character of the second season is Vova, who is also 27. He is the perfect boyfriend. Caring and cheerful. He cooks and gives flowers ... But he is still alone and does not understand what the girls really need.

The first season of the web series has over 8 million views. He was nominated for the Third Web Industry Award in the Best Web Series category. Selected to the competitive programs of the Realist Web Fest (Nizhny Novgorod, Russia), Series Land (Bilbao, Spain), Marseille Web Fest 2021 (Marseille, France), Rio WebFest (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) and The NYC Web Fest ( New York, USA).

The project is being filmed with the support of the Institute for Internet Development (national project "Culture") and the social network VKontakte. The series is produced by Life Is Short and FakePublish.

The director of the series is Kirill Alekhin, who worked on the tragicomedies Falling an Angel (2021), Happiness (2015), documentary cycles about e-sports Heroes of Warface (2018) and Rocketjump (2019), producer of the short comedies Bribe ( 2018), Rooster (2015) and a number of other short films that have received international awards.

The development of the series "Natural Selection" has been going on since 2017. In 2019, the project won the All-Russian pitching of debutants. The shooting of the second and third seasons took place in Moscow.

The project has an international team. Screenwriter Keren Klimovski worked in Malmo (Sweden), composer Eduard Konovalov - in Paris (France). The soundtrack is compiled from the latest Russian indie music - songs of the groups "hammer, lerachka", Give a tank (!), Shiiiit, "Attention, cowberry!", WE / WE, Komsomolsk, Rewind and others.

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