SONY Pictures Classics Blu-Ray/DVD Releases

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Mothering Sunday, Compartment 6 and Nine Days are a few of the newest SONY Pictures Classics Blu-Ray/DVD releases, and for those who prefer more insightful films, recent documentary releases include The Human Factor and Who We Are.


The Home Entertainment does exist outside of streaming and digital downloads and the recent releases from SONY Pictures Classics offers something for everyone. Here are eight releases and a teaser introduction to each.

Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday, starring Odessa Young, Josh O’Connor, Glenda Jackson, Olivia Colman, and Colin Firth, presents a stirring, heartfelt, drama of a woman's life, told through wisdom and the lens of time she exposes her hidden lovers, shattering, and devastating loss, and empowerment through tragedy. Captivating from the beginning, the film opens on a spring day in 1924, where the pall of World War I and its devastating losses to households hangs heavy in the air. A secret lover overshadows obligation and duty which rule the day. By afternoon a twist in fate paves a new path. Mothering Sunday, sensual, unquestionably authentic, emotionally intoxicating.

Mothering Sunday, directed by Eva Husson, and written by Alice Birch, has a runtime of 104 minutes. Follow the below link for the review.

Mothering Sunday Review – Riveting, Courageous, Sensuous


Jockey, starring Clifton Collins, Jr., Molly Parker, Moises Arias, brings to the screen an insider's view behind the scenes at the racetrack for the riders who struggle with the demands of the job as they carve out a small piece of life. The film dives deep into the everyday demands and stress of the riders, like any elite athlete, to keep their weight down, through any means, the poor pay, limited insurance, and the young and hungry up and comings, not to mention the potential for catastrophic injuries. With an intimate view of the behind-the-scenes experiences of riders, and the passion for a sport that many dismiss outside of the Triple Crown, Jockey delivers prospective and respect.

A recent release Jockey is directed by directed by Clint Bentley and written by Clint Bentley and Greg Kwedar with a runtime of 94minutes.

Follow the link below to read the film review.


Jockey Review – Engaging, Authentic, Riveting

12 Mighty Orphans

12 Mighty Orphans, starring Luke Wilson, Martin Sheen, Treat Williams, and Robert Duvall, present the true story of triumph over adversity as a group of forgotten orphans meet a football coach who changes the world of football and transforms the forgotten ones into champions. The any triumph over circumstance, the film is heart-warming feel good family film that highlights what self-determination, guided by someone who believe in you can accomplish. Inspiring, a sure winner.

A recent release, 12 Mighty Orphans, is written and directed by Ty Roberts, and also stars Vinessa Shaw, Wayne Knight, Jake Austin Walker, Ron White, Slade Monroe, Jacob Lofland, Levi Dylan, Preston Porter, Rooster McConaughy, Larry Pine, and Lane Garrison and has a run time of 118 minutes.

Follow the below link for the film review.

12 Mighty Orphans Review – Triumphant, A Winning Feel-Good Film

Nine Days

Nine Days, stars Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Benedict Wong, Tony Hale, and Bill Skarsgard, and presents a bold science fiction fantasy, that reduces life to an interview and indoctrination process, as proposed candidates are required to study the chosen whose every waking moment is monitored and recorded.

The film resonates, even with the passing of time, I find myself drawn to moments which generate authentic emotions. The violations of intimacies are balanced with the elated final moments before the subjects are sent away in the barren desert. Nine days at face value is intriguing, and finding the deeper, double meaning, a moral or analogy is challenging. One thing is certain, even after months have passed the film still generates a strong reaction.

A recent release, the first-time director, Edson Oda, has created a film that should be seen. Nine Days has a run time of 124minutes.

Follow the below link for the film review.

Nine Days Review – Talent Shines in this Ambitious Effort

The Truffle Hunters

A feel-good film, The Truffle Hunters, stars Piero Botto, Sergio Cauda and Maria Cicciu, introduces a charming old-world village who deliver some of the world most exclusive truffles, to equally exclusive high-end establishment. Deep in the forests of Piedmont, Italy, a handful of men, seventy or eighty years old, hunt for the rare and expensive white Alba truffle-which to date has resisted all modern science's efforts at cultivation. The film follows the septuagenarian and octogenarians as they along with their trusty truffle hunting canines search the Italian countryside for these top dollar delicacies. Billed as best canine movie in the world, we see how the truffle hunters are so dedicated to their animals, who have a keen sense of smell, that they are one of the family.

A recent release, The Truffle Hunters, directed by Michael Dweck and Gregory Kershaw present 84 minutes of pure delight.

My Name is Sara Review – Compelling, Extraordinary Character Driven Performances

Compartment 6

Compartment 6, starring Yuriy Borisov, Seidi Haarla, and Valeriy Nikolaev, presents a story of destiny and the unusual twists fate, chance, karma, happenstance, God will bring into our lives. Leaving a love affair in Russia, a woman, boards a train with destination anywhere. Her late choice in escape transportation forces her to share her compartment, as the train weaves its way up to the arctic circle, with a Russian miner. The two strangers share a journey that will change their perspective on life. As these moments often do, the journey and interactions causes both to undergo self-analysis of their own views on human connectiveness.

A recent release, Compartment 6 is directed by Juho Kuosmanen, and written by Andris Feldmanis, Juho Kuosmanen and Rosa Liksom, with a runtime of 107minutes. In Russian and Finnish, with English subtitles.

The Human Factor

The Human Factor, a documentary, brings to the screen a fascinating look at the epic behind-the-scenes story of the United States' 30-year effort to secure peace in the Middle East. Recounted from the unique perspective of the American mediators on the frontlines. As Middle East peace still resonates with each American Presidential Administration the blueprint for peace between the Israel and Palestine continues to be shaky at best. The Human Factor provides the viewer with unlimited access across the many administrations that attempted to broker a lasting peace.

A recent release, The Human Factor, directed by Dror Moreh and written by Moreh and Oron Adar, has a runtime of 106minutes.

Julia Review – Documentary Serves Up Inspiration

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America

Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America, takes the viewer on a journey through America’s egregious history of white supremacy and black enslavement. Narrated by Jeffrey Robinson, the documentary opens the closet door on America’s ugly past that many hoped would stay hidden and presents parallels to the modern Black Lives Matter agenda. Civil Rights, while many believe is evolving the pendulum that swings has yet to find that middle ground where all believe that all are given their rights. The small changes, prosecutions in the George Floyd case, and other prosecutions in cities where pre-George Floyd would not have happened, show an effort, small as many believe, for equal treatment under the law.

While the documentary resonates as America confronts its own civil war, the question that rises is: Have we become so integrated we are segregated? Is the great Civil Rights divide and the choice that all make simply placating as both sides seek ways to further their own causes or agenda?

Directed by Emily Kunstler and Sarah Kunstler the daughters of Civil Rights Attorney William Kunstler, Who We Are: A Chronicle of Racism in America has a runtime of 117minutes.

No matter your genre from romance to documentary to feel-good romances, there is a something for everyone. Happy viewing.

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