Beltway Insider: Biden/Border Crisis, UK Mourns, Ukraine/Russia, COVID/Vaccine Totals, Immigration Stunt, Kenneth Star

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President Biden's Immigration policies have again come under scrutiny this week, as GOP leaders, each vying for the 2024 spotlight, have used immigrates in a publicity stunt to draw attention to clear failures at the nation's borders.

The President's job approval rating, according to the website, for the period ending September 18, 2022 decreased by 0.5% to 42.% of those polled who approve of his effectiveness as President and those who disapprove of his effectiveness remained constant at 53.0% of those polled who disapprove of his effectiveness. A slight 3% of the population polled have no opinion. Ratings are calculated weekly.

Beltway Insider: Biden/September 11, Queen Elizabeth, Funeral, Royal Transition, COVID/Vaccine Totals, Uvalde, Marsha Hunt

UK Mourns

Over the past ten days, the world has witnessed an unprecedented and impressive show of support for the late sovereign from the beginning of her journey from her Balmoral estate in Scotland to Westminster Hall.

The nation has not witnessed the outpouring of support since they galvanized to show their respect for the late Princess Diana, who died on August 31, 1997. While that was clearly marked with grief, of a life lost so young and conspiracy theories of control, this moment, which will be remembered is one of respect and gratitude, for choosing to live a life of duty, to honor her vows even as it met dying to herself, her dreams, and hopes. She led the people, through wars, economic depressions, pandemics and now they have gathered for this one moment.

No separate que was available for the celebrity as the Queen's subjects arrived, from all walks of life, the affluent, the homeless, each arrived united by a single intent.

"Soccer star David Beckham made headlines when he joined the line earlier in the week, while others including Olympic champion Kelly Holmes have also taken part in what has become a national spectacle — complete with its own Twitter handle and dozens of online parodies — affectionately dubbed "The Queue," reported The Washington Post.

The heir to the monarchy King Charles III and his son, William, Prince of Wales, surprised the crowds waiting in the queue, some for more than 16 hours, and walked along the line shaking hands and thanking those who braved the chilly nighttime temperatures, for their loyalty and support.

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's Longest Reigning Monarch, Dies

Queen Elizabeth II 

The Queen's Death, while inevitable, has provided a much-needed bounce in popularity for the Royal Family. The public's overwhelming show of support was unmistakable throughout the Queen's procession. Her family, devoted to their mother and grandmother, was extremely apparent and humanized them and can be seen as another gift she provided them in her death.

Their public showing of emotion, of grief, of not allowing her to travel alone, of standing guard, and even mending, at least for appearances, and possibly longer, the recent rifts that have consumed the media have added to the public's perception of a new monarchy.

Queen Elizabeth II's State Funeral

President Biden, one of the first world leaders to accept the invitation to Elizabeth II's funeral arrived in London and after meeting with King Charles III arrived at Westminster Hall, where he and First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, stood at the balcony overlooking the catafalque.

With more than 70 heads of state including, presidents, prime ministers, kings, and queens, and another 500 foreign leaders are expected to attend Queen Elizabeth II's funeral, and an additional two million people are expected to line the streets and watch the funeral from outside Westminster Hall.

As the world has seen over the past week, the Royal family has been very present and visible walking behind the Queen's coffin carried on a horse drawn guncarriage and will continue to accompany Her Majesty on foot during three separate intervals before the state funeral and during the procession to St. George's Chapel.

"Her Majesty's state funeral will take place at Westminster Abbey at 11:00 BST, before her coffin is transported to St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle," the BBC reported.

Security Challenges

The security challenges associated with the funeral, and the contingency of foreign leaders, dignitaries, and heads of state, as well as members of the Royal Family, has become the largest military undertaking since World War II.

In addition to the major terrorist threats, those who are known to be fixated on the Royals are also being observed. The military has been called up to provide security along the processional route, snipers are positioned on building lining the route, bomb sniffing dogs are making the rounds, as well as additional undercover support among the millions expected to line the parade route and watch on funeral. Local police will be positioned along the route, military will be lined backs to the crowds, as a first line defense and in true British pageantry display.

"Security and ceremony are not happy bedfellows," Bob Broadhurst, the top police commander during the wedding of Prince William and Catherine, and for the London 2012 Olympics, told reporters this week. "You need to manage the security in a way that's commensurate with the dignity of the occasion, but without leaving anybody at any greater risk than they need to be," he said" reported The Washington Post.

Funeral Expected to Attract Unprecedented Audience

While it has been stated that 2.5 billion people across the world tuned in to watch Princess Diana's funeral, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's funeral is expected to easily eclipse this with an expected 4 billion viewers, through all forms of media, including streaming, to tune in for the live funeral or depending on global time zones after the fact in replays.

"Carolina Beltramo, TV analyst at WatchTVAbroad says, "No fewer than 4.1 billion people are expected to tune in on Monday to witness this historic moment as half the people on planet Earth pause to pay their respects." She adds that advancements in technology have allowed for this break in records, with most of the world carrying phones we can watch on as well," Wired reported.

Ukraine Officials Find Mass Graves After Russians Flee

With the Ukraine War entering its seventh month, the remnants of Russian occupation, decimated villages, murdered civilians and of course, the mass graves, which have become common across Ukraine in formerly occupied cities.

"Bucha, Mariupol, now, unfortunately, Izyum," President Volodymyr Zelensky said Friday, naming other places where occupying Russian forces inflicted widespread violence on civilians. "Russia leaves death everywhere," reported The Washington Post.

Accounts from the occupation of Izyum are filled with rape and murder as the Ukraine women, like those in every other war, recount stories of brutal and violent hours long assaults, and the subsequent murder of their female children. Once, the men are killed, the women are left to their own resources, and the Russian troops outnumbered them and overpowered them.

Rape is a common weapon of war. It is meant to dehumanize, destroy, and is used by dictators, in military occupations, and by others to subdue what they consider the enemy or main obstacle to supremacy. Even in business, rape is used to derail female leaders.

World News: Ukrainian Conflict Unearths New Geopolitical Poles

As Ukraine forces are retaking many major Russian strongholds the discoveries in each city are gruesome reminders that torture, even in the 21st century, remains a constant war tactic.

From the beginning of the invasion, which many believed the Russian forces were better prepared for the war Russian President Vladimir Putin has engaged them in and would reach strategic Ukraine centers with minimal effort and little loss of life, the resolve of the Ukrainian people and the assistance from the international community through military aid packages have resulted in a different war tactic, that of ultimate destruction and mass murder.

"The conflict on the ground grinds on as Russia uses its advantage in heavy artillery to pummel Ukrainian forces, which have sometimes been able to put up stiff resistance. In the south, Ukrainian hopes rest on liberating the Russia-occupied Kherson region, and ultimately Crimea, seized by Russia in 2014. Fears of a disaster at the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Station remain as both sides accuse each other of shelling it," reported The Washington Post.

Instead of Russian occupation, the Russian Forces are now ordered to randomly shell high concentrated civilian locations to kill as many Ukrainians as possible. This tactic, which Putin believes will destroy the resolve has only increased the determination of the Ukrainian people to fight, until the death if necessary.

Is the Ukraine the new Afghanistan?

Vaccine Totals has built a vaccine tracker which can be seen here. "In the U.S., 613 million doses have been given so far. During the last week, shots were administered at an average rate of 30,866 doses a day," reported.

Coronavirus Totals

Mandates have been altered or lifted in most urban areas with limited exceptions, and the population is encouraged to maintain personal protective practices. Masks are optional and tolerated. Vaccines and boosters are still considered the most effective agents against contracting the Coronavirus.

For the one-week period ending September 18, 2022, coronavirus cases globally increased by 3,428,017 new confirmed cases, bringing the total of confirmed cases worldwide to 611,472,852 people with a total worldwide death toll of 6,505,122 deaths, and a 7-day death rate increase of 12,626. (Data from The New York Times).

COVID U.S. Totals

Infections rates in the United States are also on the rise. For the seven-day period ending September 18, 2022, the total confirmed cases rose to 95,442,102 people with new confirmed cases increasing by 436,043 with a 7-day average of 62,291 cases per day. The coronavirus has claimed 1,049,765 total deaths, adding 3,620 more deaths over the 7-day period. (Data from The New York Times).

Pentagon's Diary Gets Personal

Protecting for gain of function knowledge only aides those who initiated the constitutional violations. It does nothing to combat the homegrown terrorism or the narcissistic above the law belief. The best obtainable version of the truth.

GOP Governors Pulls Immigration Stunt

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have both come propelled themselves into the national spotlight with their publicity stunts aimed at bringing attention to the influx of immigrants at the nation's borders.

DeSantis, who has not formally announced his intent to run for the 2024 Republican party Presidential nomination, became the center of debate this week as he joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott, in transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities up and down the east coast.

DeSantis however chose Martha's Vineyard, the toney summer island getaway for liberal democrats, to state his intent.

"His stunt may have been outdone by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who started sending buses of migrants to Washington, DC, back in April and on Thursday morning, left asylum-seekers outside Vice President Kamala Harris' house at the US Naval Observatory. She's under intense criticism from immigration hawks for saying on NBC's "Meet the Press" on Sunday that she was confident the border is "secure," CNN reported.

Stunning Jupiter Images from NASA’s James Webb Telescope (Pics)

The immigrants begin transported by DeSantis and Abbott are those who have been through the process and are considered asylum-seekers and instead of seeking assistance through federal channels, the GOP has chosen to use the most vulnerable, those who literally have nothing, and dump them in someone's backyard rather than admit they do not have the resource to manage the situation.

Abbott, in reality, could continue building the Wall, which began under former President Donald Trump, while not a perfect solution is did slow the crossings in the areas in which it was completed.

With more than 1300 illegal immigrants arriving each day in El Paso, Texas, the Biden Administration response has been to send in FEMA to manage the growing tenements where those who are confronted are held, until status can be determined.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said, "As with all individuals encountered at the border, DHS continues to expel migrants as required by court order under CDC's Title 42 authority.  Those who cannot be expelled under Title 42 are screened and processed to have their claims for relief heard by an immigration judge in removal proceedings, which is something that this administration had made sure that we got more immigration judges." 

Kenneth Star, Clinton Impeachment Prosecutor, Dies

Kenneth Star, a U.S. Solicitor General, who became widely known for his investigation of President Bill Clinton and led the Impeachment trial against the former President, died this week due to complications from surgery. He was 76.

For more information on President Joe Biden

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