Boulder Mass Shooting: Ten Confirmed Dead, Suspect in Custody

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An afternoon trip to a local grocery store in Boulder, Colorado, turned deadly when an unidentified shooter opened fire inside the store killing at least ten, including veteran Boulder Police Officer Eric Talley.

The suspect who is in custody, has been identified as Ahmad Alissa, 21, began his killing spree in the parking lot of the Kings Soppers grocery store, killing at least one person on the outside of the store before he moved inside.

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"A lot of things are being realized as the crime scene is being processed, including the number of victims, which is known to police investigators," Boulder County District Attorney Michael Dougherty said during an evening news conference. "But I want to stress that victims' family members are still be notified. We're being very sensitive to the victim's families," reported The Denver Post.

A picture of a man in handcuffs, wearing only shorts, with his leg covered in blood was led away to an ambulance has been released through all media outlets. It is believed this person is the shooter.

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Live streamed video from a shopper who escaped has been released and shows the man, screaming "Active Shooter run" and a body lying in the parking lot, it is unclear if this is the only individual killed outside the store or the last before he reached the store's entry.

According to The Denver Post, witness who were in the check-out line, said "The gunman '"let off a couple of shots, then was silent, and then he let off a couple more. He wasn't spraying,"' reported The Denver Post.

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Other witnesses described feeling the concussion as the gunman fired rounds. A mother and son had just finished paying and managed to run out of the store unable to get to their vehicle they took shelter behind a rock. Shoppers ran to the rear of the store and were able to escape through the loading dock in the back of the store. Witnesses describe younger shoppers assisting the elderly, who couldn't jump, escape.

"The shots "'were muffled at first and then I heard it echo in the store and I knew we needed to get out,"' Neven Sloan said. He ran back inside to help others out once he knew his wife was safely outside. '"I felt an impulse to go back,"' reported The Denver Post.

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