The Wolf and The Lion Review – Entertaining, Family Friendly, Heartfelt

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The Wolf and The Lion, from Blue Fox Entertainment, brings to the screen an engaging, family friendly, heartfelt film that weaves a tale of hope, finding family, taking a stand for your beliefs, and risking everything if necessary.

The film begins with two short character introductions, a lion cub bought for the circus, is placed in a cage in South African and Alma, played by Molly Kunz, a pianist, practicing for her upcoming audition, which is everything to her. She has been practicing for eight years, for this one single opportunity that will transform her life.

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Today, however, she is leaving the Academy to settle her grandfather's estate that includes a lake front home on little island in the heart of a majestic forest. We meet Joe, played by Graham Green, a lifelong friend of the family and neighbor on this private island. As they arrive in a motorboat, the townspeople have decorated the shoreline with flowers and mementos in tribute.

Her grandfather, an animal advocate, left her a video message and introduced her to his new friend, a beautiful, rare, wild female Snow Wolf. As Alma settles in for the night, there is thunderstorm, high winds, pelting rain and lightning strikes, unbeknownst to her the plane carrying the lion cub is the middle of the storm and suddenly the pilot radios a mayday distress call.

The next morning, she is heading out to investigate the crash site. On the way she meets two wildlife conservationists, Eli, played by Charlie Carrick, and his tracker, Charlie, played by Derrick Johns, who are tracking the snow wolf. She informs them this is private property and they must leave the island.

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She reaches the crash site and the lion cub cargo, which fell out of the plane and into a nest is shoved out by a landing eagle, falls into her arms. When she arrives back at the house, the she-wolf arrives and brings with her cub.

In the afternoon, Joe arrives and explains the forest rangers are on their way and she must make the decision to allow animal protection services, who show up an inform her the lion cub was sold to a circus and the owners need proof of death,

Deciding to stay at the house to rescue two helpless cubs, orphaned and alone, she feels a kinship to them. The lion and the wolf forge an inseparable bond, seemingly unaware they are different, or that the lion should hunt the wolf.

Tragedy soon strikes as Alma is injured and with both the now full grown lion and wolf protecting her, in order to get her the medical help she needs, the forest ranger are called and the animals are taken away.

Now suddenly the lion is an act in the circus, and the wolf with the conservationist and Alma is determined to find them both.

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The Wolf and The Lion is a family friendly feel good film. With a meet cute set up throughout, the audience is as much charmed by the antics of the two cubs as when the very important scientist is stuck in the lake with no gas in the motor and must depend on the "crazy" animal advocate.

The ensemble cast, including the animals, deliver delightful performances. The Wolf and The Lion is enjoyable and entertaining and presents a clear animal rights advocacy storyline.

Blue Fox Entertainment will release The Wolf and The Lion in theaters on Friday, February 4, 2022.

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Country: USA.

Language: English.

Runtime: 99minutes.

Director: Gilles de Maistre.

Writer: Prune de Maistre.

Producer: Sylvain Proulx, Claude Léger, Jonathan Vanger, Jacques Perrin, Nicolas Elghozi, Valentine Perrin, Gilles de Maistre, Catherine Camborde.

Cast: Molly Kunz, Graham Greene, Charlie Carrick, Derek Johns, Rhy Slack, Evan Buliung, Rebecca Croll, Victor Cornfoot, Daniel Brochu, Melissa Plante, Paula Costain, Brent Radford, Jean Drolet, Daniel Esteban.

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