Asia's 50 Best Restaurants Announces Singapore's Meta Wins AmEx Award

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Meta Restaurant located in Singapore is the winner of the 2021 "American Express Most Notable Award."  This award was selected by the organizer of "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" in conjunction with catering industry experts from all over Asia.

 Awarded to restaurants outside of the "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" list, the award confirms the restaurant is a rising star in the Asian catering industry potential.

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Borrowed by Korean Chef Sun Kim (Sun Kim) Meta opened in 2016. The restaurant presents European haute cuisine with cooking techniques to create Asian cuisine. Since the opening of Meta, Chef Kim has continuously improved his cooking skills and has taken inspiration from the traditional dishes of his hometown of South Korea.

"Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" editor William Drew said, "Meta not only pays tribute to Chef Kim's hometown of South Korea and the traditional dishes he was familiar with when he was a child, the restaurant's innovative menu also combines elements of Japanese and French cuisine."

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Golden Chef's achievements will be introduced as part of "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants," held in March 25 in Hong Kong and Singapore time 16:30 (Japan time 17:30) virtual ceremony, the ceremony will simultaneously broadcast live on the "Asia's 50 Best Restaurants" Facebook page and " 50 Best Restaurants TV " YouTube channel.



由韓藉廚師金善玉(Sun Kim)創立的Meta於2016年開業,餐廳呈獻以歐洲高級料理烹調技巧打造的亞洲風味佳餚。自Meta開業以來,金主廚不斷提升自己的廚藝,並從他家鄉韓國的傳統菜式中獲取靈感。

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「亞洲50 最佳餐廳」編輯William Drew表示:「Meta不但向金主廚的家鄉韓國和他兒時熟識的傳統菜式致敬,餐廳意念創新的菜單更結合了日本和法國料理的元素。」

金主廚的成就將作為在3月25日香港及新加坡時間下午4時30分(日本時間下午5時30分)舉行的「亞洲 50 最佳餐廳」虛擬頒獎典禮的一部分作介紹,該典禮將於「亞洲50最佳餐廳」的Facebook專頁和「50 Best Restaurants TV」YouTube頻道上同步直播。

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